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  1. Jun 2016
    1. Twitter as a tactical public allows for abuses, and for defenses of power and privilege. It also allows for bodies marked by race, gender, class, queerness, disability, and intersections of these and other identity facets to publicly resist being made to stand in the gap. It forces a reckoning with the ways that casual, even ephemeral public speech can reinforce the marginalization of others. It has become a space less tolerant of speech unwilling to account for its own power relations and assumptions.

      As we are talking about what we want to discuss with our students about putting their voices out in the open public, and maybe sharing cautionary tales with them, I think these four sentences are also so important to include. Let's talk more about marginalized voices as well as those who may not be acknowledging their privilege.

  2. Sep 2015
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      This is what I'm commenting on.

  3. Aug 2015
    1. You used to be able to move or move on when that happened. Relations died natural deaths as the routines of your daily life made it less and less likely that you would intersect and interact.

      Break-ups after being actively involved on social media together is very painful. Because we live in a city, we manage to give each other space, but online - even though we have temporarily (I hope) unfriended each other - we still see each other online through mutual friends all the time. On one social media platform, someone I was showing a little interest in suggested I remove the photos of my ex and I because it looked so much like I was unavailable. I thought about moving... but like what I think you are saying here... my social media would follow me no matter where I lived.

    2. To mute someone is to de-voice them.

      I love this insight. I hadn't thought of it this way at all. I have muted people I feel obligated to follow - a few high school friends and a family member or two. I feel "silenced" by their political voice. And so I am "silencing" them. Hmmm, I need to think more about this.