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  1. Apr 2024
    1. And you, what do you think, have you tried these or other things, please share your experience so that other people can be enriched by them 😊.

      And what about you? Have you tried these or other methods? Please share your experiences so that others can benefit from them 😊.

    2. The reality is that people's time is limited, and if our proposal is not sufficiently attractive or does not cover the needs and interests of the people we want to reach ... no matter how much we want to, we will not be able to attract them*.

      This sounds a bit negative to me, although if that's the intent then that's fine! I would suggest rephrasing it to something like this: "It's important to recognize that people's time is valuable. To effectively attract the audience we aim to reach, our proposal must be compelling and align with their needs and interests. By focusing on these aspects, we're likely to be more successful."

    3. Make more virtual meetings (if you are not doing it yet).

      You already suggest several online tools above so I would change this to avoid confusion. Change it to something like: 'Increase the frequency of your virtual meetings if they are not already a major component of your strategy.'

    4. , I think there are only disruptive approaches left.

      I would remove this.

    5. If you have tried all of the above and it still doesn't work for you... something that could happen, since f

      If you have tried all of the above and it still doesn't work, consider more dramatic changes. It's possible that traditional methods may no longer suffice. F

    6. real life community

      I would change this to "physical community" to avoid implying that online communities are "less real".

    7. AMYPA

      Explain what AMYPA stands for and its relevance to all readers, or provide a local equivalent for international audiences.

    8. offer:

      offer include

    9. Don't always stay in the same place.

      Avoid staying in the same place all the time.

    10. , and use

      . Also, consider using

    11. or similar

      or something similar

    12. to create


    13. , although ideally

      . Ideally,

    14. any,

      any particular one, as

    15. share it afterwards so people can come by,

      sharing them afterward. This encourages people to come by,

    16. take


    17. opportunity

      Add a comma here (opportunity, )

    18. , in

      . This was done in

    19. orient them and connect them with other people

      be guided and connected with others

    20. from which we were connecting digital volunteers with organizations during the beginning of the pandemic,

      which connected digital volunteers with organizations at the start of the pandemic β€”

    21. AMA where

      AMAs. During these sessions,

    22. We, with the GeoVoluntarios community,

      We, the GeoVoluntarios community β€”

    23. Giving the possibility to start the first contact behind the keyboard can help the most timid people, first observing πŸ‘€ before encouraging them to take the first step.

      Allowing initial contact to be made behind the keyboard not only helps the most timid individuals by letting them observe before participating, but it also caters to people with disabilities and those who prefer text-based communication, making it easier for everyone to engage confidently from the start.

    24. The easier it is to have a first contact with the people you are already part of, the better.

      The easier it is for newcomers to make first contact with existing members, the better.

    25. Move, be nomads.

      Be nomadic

    26. The main tips for attracting new people to the community I would summarize as::

      I would summarize the key strategies for attracting new members to the community as follows:

    27. it is important to capture the attention and get new people to come and, but most importantly, to make them want to come back.

      it is important to capture attention and attract new members. Most importantly, however, is ensuring they want to return.

    28. Therefore, to maintain the activity of the community

      Therefore, to maintain the community's activity,