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  1. Apr 2020
  2. Mar 2020
    1. for TOR is to enter the dark web, which is embedded in the TOR anonymous cloud ecosystem.

      This is particularly interesting to me, I never realized the only way to access the dark web was through TOR.

    2. a new operating system

      To me this is where I could see some glitches not helping the overall experience of using this.

    3. anonymity can be a means of resistance, offering the chance to separate from your legally and physically vulnerable self that can make said resistance so precarious.

      Being ananymous allows the user to decide their own sense of privacy, whereas privacy laws are just safegaurds that add a frame of reference.

    1. forcing real names in online communities could also increase discrimination and worsen harassment.

      I would have to agree with this, it seems like once there are real names attached, there would be more harrasment. With an increase in the ability to directly target someone's emotions.

    1. I would rather be a cyborg than a goddess

      The goddess is referring to the societal bounds that women are objectified to. That at the time, women were placed into. Men would idealize this "women", this perfect being that stays away from harsh truths, or anything against the purity of a perfected goddess image. Being a cyborg, allows for the indiivdual, the women, to be open and anything she wants. Which is why Cyborg > Goddess

    2. We cannot go back ideologically or materially. It's not just that igod'is dead; so is the 'goddess'.

      This is where the concept of the goddess becomes more enlightened with the idea of the eternal definition of an "igod". The philosophy or ideology of a machine that refuses the categoreis that women are oppressed to.

    1. Original PowerPoint Presentation [1.8MB, zipped PPT] This is the original PowerPoint presentation used for the keynote. Note, that the timings are rehearsal timings and don't follow the actual audio

      Have actually used this before, and it actually helps that Powerpoint is universal in its use, compared to word which can be almost replaced simply by windows notepad or built in software.

    1. industry; how to find and apply for jobs; and techniques for interviewing. All of these things change when transitioning into tech, and receiving guidance in these areas is inextricably tied to a code school graduate’s chance of success

      This is particularly interesting, because it is similar to the dynamic of trade schools. Coding is essentially a trade now, so this is why code schools will have a high chance of success among its graduates.

    1. like electronics or music

      Music is very possible, you have people who create VST's all the time, which are virtual ways of being able to edit and control synthesizers.

  3. Feb 2020
    1. Pg 111: "A Troll is more than the embodiment of the inter hate". This is something I have encountered and seen plenty. Internet trolls that can eseentially get caught in a sort of mentality of just being wierd and an ahole at times. I have been in this mood sometimes, but feel some individuals can be much more inclined then others.

    1. This is an example of the crossing over effect of popular mediainto cyberspace, which is, as the latest comer to the array of electronic entertainment media, abricolage of figurations and simulations. The Orientalized male persona, complete with sword, confirmsthe idea of the male oriental as potent, antique, exotic, and anachronistic.

      Great example of where real life truths gets mashed into and can very much influence the stereotypes of "popular culture". This effect could have some dangerous effects.