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  1. Oct 2022
  2. Sep 2022
    1. Positive psychology is the study of the con-ditions and processes that contribute to theflourishing or optimal functioning of people,groups, and institutions. Defined in this way,positive psychology has a long history, datingback to William James’s writings on what hetermed “healthy mindedness” in 1902, to All-port’s interest in positive human characteristicsin 1958, to Maslow’s advocacy for the study ofhealthy people in lieu of sick people in 1968,and to Cowan’s research on resilience in chil-dren and adolescents (e.g., Cowan, 2000).

      the origin of positive psychology: 1. William James's writings on "healthy mindedness" 2. Maslow's advocacy for the study of healthy people in lieu of sick people in 1968 3. Cowan's research on resilience (Cowan, 2000)

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