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  1. Jan 2016
    1. Black babies are more likely to be born to younger, less-healthy, less-wealthy and less-educated mothers, who additionally are less likely to be married and less likely to receive prenatal care than white mothers. 

      A specific race of babies is more likely to have flaws when they are born. This only describes a specific race such as African-Americans with a high rate of less educated mothers, less wealthy,and more likely to lose prenatal care of their children. I know people that are having children or had children already,and fall under one of these categories.

    2. The death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, prompted a national conversation about race and the justice system, with many concluding discrepancies exist in policing and sentencing that, apart from race, seem unexplainable.

      *What I see in this paragraph is Micheal Brown's death inspired people to run a justice system.

      *What makes it important is that the people of Missouri finally decided to take action because of black males dying by police brutatlity

    3. The average black baby enters the world under different circumstances than the average white baby, and the gap only grows between birth and death.

      Blacks are always the outcast of a situation, and this is important because Blacks are always in the worst circumstances.

      ~ It connects to me because

  2. Dec 2015
    1. What I see in this sentence is that many people also get there lives shorten because they in a middle of a war Whats so important about this is that that young people are either tend to do military things or force to fight fo their country so its hard to live a regular childs life *Its connects to me cause I seen plenty of movies that are based on true stories about young children getting their freedom and their childhood taken away because they have to fight for their country's survival

    2. There are great changes in life expectancy between different parts of the world, mostly caused by differences in public health

      What I see in this sentence is most likely the area that affect your healthThis is important because some areas is polluted with smoke from ciggerates,chimneys,and food stands *It connects to me because if aviod food stands and people that smoke ciggerates y live can probably be longer depending on much polluted air there is

    3. Life expectancy is how long a person is expected to live. It is based on many factors such as country and life style including smoking, diet, and exercise.

      I see in the sentence is different ways that can cut your life short by doing different things.What makes this sentence important is that it states different thing that you can stop in order to live longer *This connects to me cause i could take this and adjust people lives by telling them what can you the fastest