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  1. Jul 2017
    1. We the students, community members, and taxpayers will not stand for community college students at Orange Coast College being targeted and bullied by their professor in class. We understand that classrooms are meant for education and not indoctrination, and professors should not use their positions of authority to create a hostile learning environment

      quote from petition

    1. By its end 5.4 million people were dead, a body count second only to the two world wars.

      I had never heard of this, but 5.4 MILLION. I suppose thats why they call it the modern world's greatest forgotten world, im astounded

    2. When a poor family comes looking for work, the quarry bosses are ready to help with an “advance” on wages to help the family settle in

      This reminded me of how many illegal immigrants are treated here in the U.S. today. It is very common for business owners to hire illegal immigrants that do not yet have their papers for extremely low pay. Because many do not have official papers of their own, they are often paid under the table and well below minimum wage. I believe many business owners see this and recognize it as an opportunity to save money at the expense of the workers.

    3. So far, no country has decided to use this international law to help Congo end slavery, but the tools are there.

      This seems to be an issue with nearly all issues of injustice. Large congregations of people have all the means to lend a helping hand or support, yet no one does. Or those that do receive very little media coverage/attention

    4. These young men understood that the fine and the debt were just a trick to enslave more workers, a ruse aimed at convincing workers that someday they might pay off their debt and leave.

      It's really disheartening to see that people are aware of injustices yet know there is little that they can do

    5. The number arrested and convicted was pretty much determined by the number of new workers needed by the mining companies or other white-owned businesses.

      This is vile. The fact that the # of African-Americans arrested was proportionate to the # of people that the white business owners needed to work for them very strongly suggests that whenever they needed workers they would just accuse an innocent man and thereby forcing him to work.