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  1. May 2017
    1. All that once was directly lived has become mere representation

      This makes me think of some friends that I have, They are the definition of "do it for the gram" meaning do something solely for the purpose of posting it on instagram. Which defeats the purpose of actually experiencing things.

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      Seeing it on a screen is never going to be as satisfying as physically experiencing something. We make an authentic connection to memory when we are physically there versus looking at something through a screen.

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      Its still a mechanical reproduction for me because the context still happens to depend on the whatever the broadcaster gives you.

    1. Melanin is found in most living creatures,

      Interesting how melanin exists in all humans, yet that is what determines race and racism. it really is that simple unfortunately

    2. Skin color offers a highly visible cue that makes sortingeasy—at least until rape proliferates.

      It is the easiest way to sort people. Think of color coding things to organize. I feel like that is what Europeans saw when they decided to enslave others

    1. white man, who had woven me out of a thousand details, anecdotes, stories.

      Fanon is saying that the white man has created a description of the black man through descriptions of past experience lumping everything a hes ever seen a black man do into one description. Sort of like a giant stereotype

    2. he black man among his own in the twentieth century does not know at what moment his inferiority comes into being through the other.

      Is this saying that the black man does not know that he is treated as inferior or that he does not know why he is treated this way?

    1. The exile of the leper and the arrest of the plague do not bring with them the same political dream

      Is this to say that when you separate people they do not have a chance to gain enough enough traction to act upon their "political drams" ?

  2. Apr 2017
    1. his formula made the slave appear a passive recipien

      Even though slave being physically freed from being a slave the prior depictions still showed slaves as weak or dependent on their master or whoever freed them. You could say that although they are free they are still forever in debt to whoever freed them. Is that true freedom? The sculpture implies that this freed slave was an independent person who happened to be enslaved. His body language emulates that of someone who can make their own decisions and take initiative. Something that other black characters in other pieces of art lacked.

    2. Ward's Freedman seemed to the critics aston­ishingly realistic and direct,

      The reason why the "Freedman" got considerably more attention than the painting was because it was more realistic and also because it was a sculpture. A black depicted by a sculpture was something new. Of course that is going to draw attention.

    1. but only lets him see himself through the revelation of the other world.

      In a way I feel that it is common to see yourself from the perspective of others no matter your race. Recalling things I learned from sociology, looking at yourself is a way to keep yourself grounded or humble. However the trick is to not let this "vision" suppress you. And what Debois is saying is that this is much more difficult for the black man or woman.

  3. Mar 2017
    1. IX

      IX Roadmap

      Sound films do not fix the problems initially caused by silent films. That problem is that the actor is performing for the camera and not directly to the audience. By watching film the audience is deprived of the actor's aura. An actors aura is tied to his presence and cannot be replicated.

    2. III

      III Roadmap

      The form of art of that period of time is determined by nature and circumstance. Roman scholars were unwilling or unable to show social transformations expressed by changing art forms. Societies urge to bring things closer to us or reproduce objects results in the decay of the original object's aura.

    3. mechanicalreproductionemancipatesthe workof artfrom itsparasiticaldependence onritual

      mechanical reproduction frees art from being stuck in one place. art in this age is designed to be reproduced.

    4. The situationsintowhichthe productof mechanicalreproductioncanbebroughtmaynottouchthe actualworkof art,yetthe qualityof itspresence isalwaysdepreciated.

      A reproduction of art can be an exact replica of the original but can never match its authenticity. the question is does authenticity always matter?

  4. Feb 2017
    1. the seasons and the yearly cycle, that the whole of the visible realm 4. The stage of looking at reflections and so on outside the cave does not

      Once he is exposed to the truth, he wants to find out more. Making him less complacent because he seeks the truth. I believe that is an important trait everyone should have. We should want to seek the truth and not just always accept what we are told.

    2. ngs he could make out, and would take the truth of the matter to be that these things are clea

      What i got out of this was that firelight is meant to symbolize the truth or what is actually going on and shadows are meant to symbolize deception or not the whole truth. It is easier to look at shadows than it is to look at fire. Sometimes it is easier to look at deception rather than learning the truth about a scandal. Learning the truth about a scandal can make you turn away the same way trying to look at firelight can.

    1. We should consider that are many other things besides pictures which can stimulate our thought

      He is saying that we should understand that we often forget that there is more that provokes our thoughts than just images. For example when we read a sentence we literally see a bunch of symbols that are grouped in different ways. But those symbols represent ideas that our brains can interpret through our ability to see and read.

  5. Jan 2017
    1. First, vision is jusr as likely to lead to a frozen and static appropriation of the world as touch

      I may not be understanding this correctly, but how how is to vision just as likely? would it not be way less?

    1. re,which is called the head, and is the god and lord of

      By comparing our organ to god Plato is implying that that the brain is the most prominent organ of them all. The brain is commands every other part of the body the same way a god or lord commands their people.