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  1. Jul 2018
    1. Unconscious Bias

      And of course comments are disabled because authoritarians at Google don't want to hear your opinion. Women make up only 11% of CEO > no analysis needed > INSTA-SEXISM.

  2. Apr 2018
    1. Who is Jordan Peterson, favorite figure of the alt-right

      Except alt-right do not like JP. Lying news outlets have no dignity or integrity. That is why no one watches them on youtube. Old media is on its way out. Truth is the future.

    1. Unfortunately, the jury was loaded

      Americans claim too much with too little evidence. The reset was done precisely according to rules. After that the USSR won fair and square.

    1. Louis C.K.’s message is clear — white men have nothing to complain about.

      Not only Renee Graham is factually incorrect, she does not understand comedy. What a sad person.

    1. you’ve got to explain to me why these putative ability differences aren’t handicapping women

      You've got to explain to me why this putative racism doesn't handicap women.

    2. Racism

      I do not see a causal analysis. No doubt there is racism, but attributing everything to racism is dishonest. Racism contributes by how much exactly?

    3. No such income gap exists between black and white women raised in similar households.

      It is obvious from the graph that black women earn more.

  3. Mar 2018