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  1. Mar 2018
    1. there is a difference between what you know is best for your learners and what you feel comfortable teaching

      I think a lot of teachers fall into this trap, including myself! I always tell students my job is to teach them in the best way they can, not the way that makes me feel most comfortable.

    2. The common rhetoric since the turn of the century is that today’s educators are preparing students for forms of labor that do not yet exist

      I find it really difficult to connect education to future adult characteristics that employers will want, but this is what I think students should see.

  2. Jan 2018
    1. I get to see this a little at my technical school because everybody has a hands-on class for two hours a day. Whether it's learning about healthcare or designing robots, every student has to have a 'thing' that they contribute to.

      It's a little microcosm of what is possible, although it's frustrating as an academic teacher. That aforementioned community doesn't always translate to what I'm doing, and I wish it did. I don't have many students caring about what the math curriculum demands of them, and I'm willing to find any way possible to increase the interest level.

    2. community

      What does this mean? We have so many differing communities within a much larger community?

      People push for a national standard of learning, but I always thought that where you lived - even within the United States - should determine at least some aspect of what is important in schools. Not all Americans need the same education, and it's best for educators to tailor education for each individual student as much as possible.