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  1. Jul 2017
    1. threshold gate

      Must have better than the gate value match in order to permit decryption

    2. ciphertext policy

      Allowing groups / individuals access via decryption

  2. Jun 2015
    1. What is within the circle of appropriate investigation for philosophical enquiry? Demonstration by the abstract sciences should be limited to quantity and number. Reasoning beyond this boundary is sophistry. All other enquiries regard matters of fact and existence and are incapable of demonstration. It is just as conceivable that something does not exist as that it does. Both ideas are clear and distinct.

      Isolation of qty and #. It is sophistry beyond this.

    1. the near future. What tools were available for this purpose? And how did these differ from one another? Apart from addressing these two queries, this post also

      How things change. My own manicula, a C21 version

  3. Mar 2015