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  1. Oct 2019
    1. System Message: ERROR/3 (/home/bmiller/Runestone/web2py/applications/runestone/books/pythonds/_sources/ProperClasses/a_proper_python_class.rst, line 62) Duplicate ID – see ProperClasses/a_proper_python_class, line 29 .. activecode:: msdie_initial :language: python
    1. Figure 3: A Tree Corresponding to the Markup Elements of a Web Page¶

      order of body elements is wrong, it should be body(h1, ul(li,li). h2(a))

    1. YouTube¶ .. youtube:: anwy2MPT5RE :height: 315 :width: 560 :align: left Show SourceHide Source Unit Tests for Code

      The example video here, https://youtu.be/anwy2MPT5RE has been removed by YouTube.