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  1. Jan 2020
    1. In the short window that remains, we need policies capable putting out all these flames.

      remains and flames almost rhyme, making this line stand out. the author's overall message found throughout can be seen here.

    2. All around the world, our human societies, scorched under the stresses of late capitalism, are political tinderboxes as well.

      metaphor "political tinderboxes"

    3. it is the only kind of climate response that stands a chance of not going up in smoke

      bold claim by author, though it is supported. going up in smoke.... is that a pun?

    4. If the responses to the climate crisis do not simultaneously begin to repair the wrenching injustices and inequalities that scar and strain our world, they have no hope of success. The bottom line is that people are already under too much stress and strain to take any more.

      lots of words starting with the same sound(s), good diction example.

    5. We saw

      repetition with sentences starting with "we saw/see/are seeing"

    6. instead of

      repetition with sentences beginning with "instead of"

    7. They have seen firsthand that while most people very much want to help their fellow humans after disasters, sustaining that empathetic impulse beyond the initial emergency takes more than good will. It takes good policy, alongside serious public investments.

      the main point of this section, the author's argument. the other paragraphs led up to this.

    8. Several researchers I spoke with observed that post-traumatic stress disorder was rampant,

      saying researchers makes the detail more credible

    9. the cauldron of stress

      good figurative language here.

    10. But others disagreed. They portrayed the pre-fire homeless as invaders, interlopers, freeloaders.

      portrays homeless as bad. contrast to sentance before it. this does not seem to be the author's belief on the subject, but rather her foe's.

    11. Moreover, many Paradise evacuees camping outside Walmart reported learning valuable skills from folks with years of experience sleeping rough (including how to keep belongings safe and how to line tents with cardboard to stay dry).

      portrays homeless as good and valuable individuals

    12. Except here is the trouble: Love and comfort may have been the dominant first responses, but we do not currently live in a society that is governed by those values. On the contrary, ours is an economy built to profit off even the most desperate human needs, from water to health care to shelter and warmth after horrific disasters.

      author introduces another argument. definitely getting a good sense of her political views through all this. that is her bias.

    13.  Underlying this outbreak of mutual aid was an unspoken agreement that people in need have an inherent right to food and water and housing. Any whiff of profiteering was met with rage.

      portrays this way of thinking (in terms of political belief) as correct. shows author's beliefs. article has some anti-capitalist messages.

    14. It’s true that California’s fires have provided the world with some extraordinary examples of disaster capitalism and climate apartheid: ultrarich mansion owners protecting their homes with private firefighters and failing to inform their immigrant housekeepers and gardeners that their workplaces were under evacuation; Cal Fire’s reliance on hyper-exploited prison inmates to do some of the most dangerous firefighting in the state; migrant farmworkers in wine country forced to work in a haze of wildfire smoke.

      definitely shows the author's thoughts on the politics of the situation through word choice and details given.

    15. Tera Hickerson, right, and Columbus Holt embrace as they look at a board with information for services at a makeshift encampment outside a Walmart store for people displaced by the Camp Fire in Chico, Calif., on Nov. 16, 2018. Photo: John Locher/AP

      photos enhance emotional impact of the article. helps you visualize as well.

    16. There they were met by North Valley Mutual Aid, the now legendary anarchist disaster response group that self-organized in the immediate aftermath of the fire.

      author seems to support this group, speaks positively of it.

    17. “Some of the most beautiful nights were in the Walmart parking lot,”

      notable, gets audience thinking because it does not make sense at first

    18. That’s why so many in the community have concluded that the impacts of climate disruption simply cannot be handled without big structural changes on the order of a Green New Deal. Some of these investments can be done locally; others will need bold state and federal support.

      the analysis/ explanation part of the paragraph. also a transition.

    19. Tested by disaster, these communities had come together and looked after one another. At least they did at first.

      i can't figure out how to word what i'm thinking but this stood out to me

    20. Chico shows that there is no way to cope with climate breakdown without a simultaneous shift to a very different kind of economy, one that is willing to make major nonmarket investments in housing, transit, health (including mental health), water, electricity, and more.

      sort of a thesis statement or topic sentence for this part of the article. also like a summary of the points. it is the author's argument

    21. Republican beliefs that climate change is a vast left-wing plot: Better to focus exclusively on pollution and worry about the rest down the road. Conservative Chico city council members have gone on the offensive against the Green New Deal with precisely this kind of attack.

      definitely puts republicans in a bad light, author believes they are in the wrong most likely.

    22. The intersecting hardships experienced by so many in the region also explain why, days before the one-year anniversary of the deadly Camp Fire that burned down Paradise and killed 86 people, local politicians in neighboring Chico unveiled a plan calling for the small city to adopt its own Green New Deal.

      transition into main topic, sort of like a thesis statement too. tone shift begins; it becomes happier

    23. Nancy Pelosi, with young demonstrators demanding that the Democratic Party embrace a sweeping Green New Deal to meet the twin crises of climate disruption and deepening inequality. Since then, as the Green New Deal proposal has picked up momentum in the Democratic primaries, several states and big cities have unveiled their own frameworks, including Maine and Seattle, where city council recently passed a resolution that included the city’s most ambitious climate justice targets to date.

      the author likely supports the democratic party. tone continues to be uplifting and hopeful.

    24. Brown is well aware that a small city like hers isn’t going to make much of a dent in global emissions. But, she said, “We can demonstrate what a Green New Deal looks like at the local level.”

      shows the underdog/ "you can make a difference" message that people typically are fond of. shows that this could be the start of something that sounds pretty great so far.

    25. Chico shows that there is no way to cope with climate breakdown without a simultaneous shift to a very different kind of economy.

      indicates that this is important. it is the main point of this part of the article.

    26. His rage was also directed at the absence of decent temporary housing for fire victims like him, not to mention the electric utility that had started the blaze and was still evading responsibility.

      creates sympathy for the man and other people affected by the fire

    27. twist the knife

      saying. means something similar to "rub salt in the wounds"

    28. Of the ash, stray bricks, and weeds. Of twisted metal and charred patio furniture. Of the pine trees still standing on the edge of the lots, their towering trunks now charcoal black. Of the lonely white brick fireplace in the middle of it all, the only surviving structure, metal pokers hanging expectantly by the grate.

      Tone changes from the first line to become more gloomy. Repetition w/ "of..." sentances. Fireplace might be a symbol or something? Several good choices in wording.