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  1. Jul 2020
    1. must be accompanied by written permission for their use from the copyright owner

      An example of publishers' instruction on third-party materials

    1. Under three flagship programmes: Advancing Southeast Asian Archaeology, Sacred Universe, and Conservation in the Tropics, the Centre organise projects on: Archaeological Research Underwater Archaeology Spiritual and Religious Arts Performing Arts and Oral Traditions Disaster Risk Management for Cultural Heritage Cultural Resources management and conservation


      Vision: Revitalize SEAMEO SPAFA’s Role in Human Capital Development for 21st Century Archaeology and Fine Arts.


      • PROMOTE excellent practice and research in archaeology and fine arts in Southeast Asia.
      • DEVELOP SEAMEO SPAFA as leading centre in communication, coordination, documentation and legal/ethics guidance for archaeologists, artists and experts.
      • ESTABLISH SEAMEO SPAFA as a training centre of excellence that advances new knowledge and technologies.
  2. Jun 2020
    1. talk will draw upon empirical examples from the COVID-19 crisis to consider how Asian cities from Singapore to Hong Kong have been affected by and responded to the pandemic.

      Discussions can be expected to touch on the social implications.

    1. Moulton's writing on the transparency fixes the copyright, and the words can easily be compared to the student notes

      It should be fair and reasonable for educators to own their lectures if their academic employers agreed to the claim. It would be ideal if, through contracts, educational institutions insist that their lecturers licensed their works under the Creative Commons.

    1. open journals

      Many up and coming researchers have published in open journals when before they would have struggled. Young scholars around the world might have found open access publishing a big helping hand in setting out on their professional journey.

    1. 5.7 million people rely on other nations for almost everything they eat. Just 0.9% of its land area of about 700 square kilometers was classified as agricultural in 2016

      Not so long ago, there were fewer than 3 million people on the island. Now the number is about double, making securing food increasingly crucial. To be ranked top in a food security index is no small accomplishment. The emphasis on understanding nutritional requirements and quality over quantity, including food waste reduction, will be of great significance.

    1. It is legally possible to add more restrictions than the original license in some cases, for example, releasing a derivative work under all rights reserved which incorporates source materials licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. However, as digital citizens we should do our best to respect the original intent of the creator for releasing his or her works freely. In education, doing the right thing (sharing knowledge freely) is more important than doing things right (legal options for adding restrictions)

      An educational publication can thus be copyrighted with all rights reserved even if it contains CC-BY-SA licensed material. The understanding is that such a resource (considered a “derivative work”, an adaptation, and a remix) should rightly carry a Creative Commons license with the same License Elements.

  3. May 2020
    1. Faulkner Press' attorney, says the suit isn't about money for the professors, it's about protecting its intellectual property

      It's interesting that in terms of intellectual property, professors stand to gain more coverage through the popularity of the notes, and ultimately additional associated economic benefits due to the publicity. However, it may really be just about the money, and the competition between publishers, the old monopolies.

    1. Copyright in the work created by the author in the course of employment vests in the author unless it has been otherwise agreed in writing; provided that the employer is entitled to communicate such work to public in accordance with the purpose of the employment.

      Section 9 states that copyright for work created in employment is owned by the author.

    1. Using, sharing and collaboratively creating software and computer code

      This should greatly benefit educators in developing more interactive teaching platforms.

    2. Are there activities in the list that are part of your regular educational practice?

      Open Journals are tremendously beneficial to young and budding researchers and practitioners, in particular, because of the resources available to them that was not the case in the past.