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  1. Mar 2018
    1. “It is a burning shame to this country,” affirmed congressional abolitionists, “to hold the wives and the children in slavery of men who are periling their lives before the rebel legions.”

      I'm confused about whose wives and children are in slavery?

  2. Feb 2018
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  4. Jan 2018
    1. by the federal government

      Historians have given a lot of attention to the relationship between the federal and state governments. The states must comply with laws passed by the US Congress as long as the laws do not violate the U.S. Constitution.

  5. Apr 2017
    1. Another page note.

    2. These are page notes. Huh.

    3. children

      It's notable Dr. King was spurred by photos of Vietnamese children to end his silence.

    4. had torn a gaping budget hole in Johnson’s Great Society domestic programs.

      In other words, the war drew funds away from Civil Rights programs.

    5. Beyond signaling his growing radicalism, the Riverside speech reflected Dr. King’s increasing political courage — and shows why, half a century later, he remains a pivotal figure in American history.

      This looks like the thesis to me.

    6. David J. Garrow

      Who is David Garrow?