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  1. Oct 2019
    1. Justice Department lawyer Scott Stewart objected and said asking the government to track down all families the government had separated would “blow the case into some other galaxy of a task” — which Gelert calls “remarkable,” given that the government separated them in the first place

      The government acted with out even considering that the fact they would be the ones responsible for reunification of these families and now they have come to the realization that for some families reunification might never happen.

    2. “Under 'zero tolerance' — which is the reason they are separating families in the first place

      "Zero Tolerance" its main goal is to deter and punish at a very high cost the families that are seeking a safe place to live. to send a message to those who are contemplating to come to the US to stop or they will take their children.

    3. The HHS inspector general’s report last month also found “thousands” more children were separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border than initially thought — and they had not been included in the government’s tally of 2,654 separated families as of June 2018. It found that families were being separated as early as July 2017, long before Sessions announced the “zero tolerance” policy in April 2018.

      This is alarming information,the statistical numbers of separated families is already very high, and knowing that there is "thousands" more children that were separated and not been counted for it is just plain and simple kidnapping of minors

    4. “There’s no uniform process for determining parental fitness,” and the child's best interest, said Laura Peña, the attorney who authored the Texas Civil Rights Project's report and represented Perez-Domingo.That’s a high-stakes determination that Border Patrol agents are not equipped to make, Peña and other immigrant advocates told The World. CBP’s justifications for separating families are often vague or unsubstantiated, and could violate the Ms. L court order, they say.“We are seeing an overuse of separations based on what they call ‘law enforcement’ purposes,” said Eleanor Acer, senior director for refugee protection at Human Rights First. “And in some cases, there is really no basis for that. There’s no process for any of this, or independent review for any of this.”

      I agree with Laura Pena an attorney and author of the Texas Civil Rights Project as well with Eleanor Acer Sr Director for the Refugee protection at Human rights first; Border patrol agent have been given too much power to determine if the adult accompanying the child is related or fit to parent with out endangering the minor. where is the proof or basis for this decision?

    5. He did not understand when a CBP officer accused him of not being the girl’s biological father and forging her birth certificate — then took away his little girl.

      Many of the families that being separated are assumed to be smuggling the children and so justified to separate them. In this parent situation there was a language barrier and he had no idea what was even said to him.