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  1. Jun 2015
    1. an emergent literary form and academic field

      (I'm going to play the role of the student interrupting your video lectures for a sec.) Oh so, Electronic Literature is also an academic field?

    2. Iowa Review Web,

      Broken links are going to be important teaching moments

    1. This could show that the new term “electronic literature” took time to gain general acceptance, or it could also simply be a by-product of the slow pace of scholarship and book publishing.

      In my experience, hypertext fiction was for a long time the catch-all term for any electronic literary text. And I agree! General acceptance (as seen in the N-Gram viewer) is likely reflecting writing beyond scholarly, "expert" studies of e-lit that gained its currency overtime. I also wonder, if this distinction continues outside of the e-lit writers and scholars community.

    1. forms and threads of practice

      In this definition I've always been interested in thinking about the idea of "threads of practice" not just in terms of genre as it initially seems to be, but as aspects of the creation of works, their distribution, their consumption, and of course, their obsolescence.