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  1. Jan 2017
    1. With his 5 wives, 55 children and 80 grandchildren, 400 sheep, 1,200 acres of land and a small army of servants,

      His family situation is very different how we would have ours in America.

  2. Oct 2016
    1. Americans celebrate Halloween on October 31 by trick-or-treating, displaying jack-o’-lanterns (carved pumpkins) on their porches or windowsills, holding costume parties, and sharing scary stories.

      Halloween is celebrated on October 31 by trick or treating, carved pumpkins ect.

    1. ''We have great confidence in Klein. We've found him to be very responsive and very aggressive.

      People really want bilingual education.

    2. decentralizatio


    3. Spanish-speaking immigrants who struggled to reach the United States and struggle still at low-wage jobs to stay here so that their children can acquire and rise with an American education, very much including fluency in English.

      Trying to make things better but cannot.

    4. The school puts my kids' education in danger, because everything is in English here.'

      For the kids who do not speak English, they cannot learn in the way that is best for them.

    5. ''I'm very angry,''

      Because the program did not do what it said, people are getting mad.

    6. These parents were not gadflies and chronic complainers. Patient and quiet, the women clad in faded shifts,

      Kept quite about how they felt.

    7. the people bilingual education supposedly serves. Instead, one after the other, they condemned a system that consigned their children to a linguistic ghetto, cut off from the United States of integration and upward mobility.

      The bilingual program did not do what it was intended to do.

    1. but the common strand is an attempt to build literacy and proficiency in more than one language. The approach is found to outperform traditional ESL, where lessons are typically taught entirely in English. Research shows two-language instruction is linked to numerous positive and long-term benefits, including stronger literacy skills, narrowing of achievement gaps, and higher graduation rates. And the academic advantages of two-language programs even carry over to an unexpected group: children who only speak English at home.

      Literacy in more language linked to better achievement.

    2. “We went backwards when we assimilated.

      Assimilation went backward, want to move ahead.

    3. strongest proponents of dual-language programs are youth themselves, whether current or former students

      Young generation wants to learn its culture.

    4. of books and other teaching materials

      Native teachers need supplies.

    5. ensure the preservation and revitalization of Native languages,

      Need to preserve Native Amer heritage.

    6. shortage of qualified bilingual teachers.

      Need qualified teachers.

    7. sees an obvious link between celebrating children’s ethnic roots and school performance.

      Students show success when ethnicity is emphasized.

    8. bilingual instruction is what’s best for English language learners.

      Need to change the law.

    9. first state to prohibit bilingual programs in schools,

      Eliminate bilingual programs in school.

    10. spearheaded a statewide campaign for Proposition 227, a highly

      Attempt to pass law to teach in English to minority students.

  3. Sep 2016
    1. important agricultural commodities in Mexico are corn, beans, wheat, soybeans, rice, cotton, coffee, and dairy products.

      Agriculture is important to the people in Mexico. They grow all different kinds of wheat and beans.

    2. considered one of the major producers of metals in the world.

      Mexico provides the world with a lot of metals. Which is very important for making things.

    3. Hardwoods include mahogany, cedar, primavera, sapote, oak, copa, and pine.

      There are many different kinds of hardwoods that they use.

    4. the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE).

      People that work for the government are covered by the ISSSTE and others are supported by state plans.

    5. music continues to be a uniting force. Street musicians

      Street musicians and bands play at various places and times.

    6. Mexico is famous for its production of textiles, woodworking, toys, embroidery, ceramics, baskets and tooled leather, among other crafts.

      Craftwork uses centuries old techniques and design.

    7. printmaking

      Print making shows political activism that supports uprisings.

    8. Sergio Hernandez and Francisco Toledo have built on Tamayo's style to develop a unique Oaxacan school of art

      Oaxacan school of art developed.

    9. Mexico's renowned Oaxacan painter, Rufino Tamayo (1899–1991), became internationally recognized for his abstract, expressive, and personal paintings, using a vibrant palette of colors

      Painter, Rufino Tamayo painted in very bright colors showing abstract and expressive art.

    10. created more freedom of expression

      More freedom of expression resulted when Mexico developed relationship with the US.

    11. José Vasconcelos, a former minister of education, initiated many public arts programs

      Public arts programs were begun by Jase Vasconcelos.

    12. youth are focused on their future

      Many Mexican kids are very focused on what their future hold. They also want to do well in school and in sports. But on the other hand they enjoy going out and having a good time.

    13. influence of American culture continues to grow as more Mexicans spend time north of the border

      American has a large factor on youth from Mexico.

    14. colonial era, Mexican literature followed European styles and trends

      During the colonial time their literature followed the European literature. Different people who wrote literature came and left.

    15. 1940s, the National Academy of Dance was formed

      A dance school was formed.

    16. the Jarabe Tapatio is danced in pairs to a series of nine melodies, typically following an upbeat, heel-to-toe step.

      Along with music, dance was a big peace that grew. Other countries had an influence on this as well.

    17. Spanish “romance” style

      Romance style of music was the most patriotic of then all.

    18. traditional Mesoamerican songs were combined with popular European compositions and instruments to create a unique regional music tradition in Mexico

      Mesoamerican songs were combined with multiply things to create its own sound. 18th century was when other instruments go involved.

    19. Mexico's musical history is diverse and full of various cultural influences

      Mexico's music has different kinds and was created by things that had to do with the Mexican culture.

    1. “I am light-skinned” and that is how she is viewed in her native Dominican Republic.


    2. Erica Lubliner, who has fair skin and green eyes — legacies of her Jewish father and her Mexican mother — said she was so “conflicted” about the race question on the census form that she left it blank.

      More then 1 race.

    3. Latinos, who make up close to 20 percent of the American population, generally hold a fundamentally different view of race.

      Not all Latinos have the same view of race

    4. tend to identify themselves more by their ethnicity, meaning a shared set of cultural traits, like language or customs.

      Latinos do not identify there race but color or physical traits but rather by language and culture.

    5. census categorizes people by race, which typically refers to a set of common physical traits.

      Physical traits makes up what people consider to be racial traits.