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  1. Oct 2020
    1. I also affirm that all men are naturally in the state ofnature, and remain so until theyconsentto make themselvesmembers of some political society

      what does consent mean? what qualifies as consent? what does that look like today?

    2. because we are all equal and independent, no-one ought toharm anyone else in his life, health, liberty, or possessions

      much more positive/optimistic outlook than hobbes

    3. For the law ofnature, like every law concerning men in this world, would befutile if no-one had power to enforce it and thereby preservethe innocent and restrain offenders

      agrees with Hobbes in that laws of nature need an enforcer- just instead says every man has this power

    1. Wikipedia invites readers to peer behind the curtain and, if interested, take a place at the controls

      Reminds me of the notion of "hidden transcripts." I wonder if the digital age/digital history offers more hidden transcripts to become public or if it just creates more silences through click-bait and categories such as "most relevant" or "top-rated."

    2. As such, it may tell us as much about memory—how events are remembered—as it tells about history.

      Have to consider here the balance of the importance between understanding history and the past for what it was, in its own right, as well as the importance of memory and subjective experience, how people feel now about history, the everyday applications of history