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  1. Jan 2016
    1. Soul

      How do you think that Marvell decided who had the first word and who got the last? Is it even important?


      It is amusing to me that this is considered a dialogue due to the fact that neither of the two lecturers are truly engaging in conversation. Instead they are almost preaching their own thoughts and ideas without listening to their opponent.

    1. ?

      These questions remain unanswered in the poem. What is the purpose of posing a question without a resolution? I think perhaps Bishop intends for the reader to introspectively decide the purpose of these stereotypically feminine objects in a primarily manly environment.

  2. Dec 2015
    1. faggot

      The italicization of the slur really makes it stand out. It disassociates the feeling from that of the other words. Almost making the word seem unfitting and as if it does not belong in the poem/the english language.

    1. .

      Interesting that the first two stanzas are set up very similarly but have completely different tones and emotions.

    1. Recognize

      The point of the poem goes beyond recognizing the effects of literature and it's purpose. It also pushes the reader to recognize their purpose and the purpose of the world.