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  1. Nov 2017
    1. IV Physics-Mathematics

      All of these physics concepts are now included in two semesters. It seems odd that with the limited scientific information available at the time that each subtopic would be its own subject. In my 1710 physics class we only spent 3 classes on statics

    2. Hebrew

      It is interesting that Hebrew was taught as a language here before Jewish students were allowed to attend. I'm guessing that it was more of a biblical study Hebrew which is heavily involved in translating ancient texts that are currently housed in special collections

  2. Oct 2017
    1. But the Commissioners are happy in considering the statute

      This seems oddly informal to bring up emotions in an official document. This informality shifts the tone of the document. This tone makes it seem like the writers are writing for people similar to them and possibly even people they even know which could be very likely. These educated white men were writing for other educated white men and the entire document can be read in this fashion of these elite men having a private conversation with themselves.

    2. Hebrew

      It is interesting that Hebrew was listed as an offered language so early when the first Jewish student did not attend the University until 1862 and the first Jewish professor wasn't hired until the 1920's. The University also has a history of quotas on Jewish students and restrictions on what clubs would allow them to join.