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  1. May 2017
    1. Without the lake, the story may not have been as clear and logical. 


    2. to use the same adjective twice next to itself


    3. Hannah accepts the fact that her sister is dead

      She did? Isn't she still in mourning and confused?

    4. why Lydia committed suicide

      Why do you think she did? What is your opinion

    5. Ng chooses Lydia to drown in the lake because the family has both good and bad memories from the lake

      What are the good memories? Example?

    6. one would need to do to make

      Little Clunky

  2. Apr 2017
    1. Overall, Management Systems International has logged increased sales in every sector, leading to a significant rise in third-quarter profits.

      bruh what?

    2. Though her fiction is well known, her work with the satirical garage band the Rock Bottom Remainders receives far less publicity.

      Conciseness is Key