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  1. Dec 2015
    1. The candidate won anyway, putting the revamped Party of Institutionalised Revolution (PRI) en route to regaining the power it had held from 1929 to 2000, and the students refocused their energies on rejecting the result of a poll they say was unfair.


    2. Thursday were banners accusing the network of trying to "impose" Enrique Peña Nieto as president.

      student protest against current president. 2012.

  2. Nov 2015
    1. - It's horrible how the president of Mexico (Gustavo Diaz Ordaz) acted as a child when he learned about the massacre. It was like "Oh...Ehmm...They (the students) shot first, for that reason we responded by killing them all and taking them to jail" And you know why he acted like that? Because of the Olympic Games. That's why people hate this monster, because he planned the massacre not for people, but to see money in his pocket. Would you liked to have seen lots of students protesting while Mexico has foreign visitors? I don't think so. That's how our mediocre politicians in Mexico act these days, and we have to eradicate them by voting them out of office. I can see that they don't even care about anything except their pay and sleeping in the congress while there are important issues to discuss.

      Direct comparison of the massacre of 1968 to the current sentiment towards government control and student protest.

  3. Oct 2015
    1. The escape was a stinging blow to President Enrique Peña Nieto, who celebrated Mr. Guzmán’s capture in February 2014 as evidence that his government was winning the drug war.

      Shows the disconnect between control of the people and the control of the gov't. Essentially useless. The central control continues to be weak, no matter what.

    1. Desde octubre de 2013 hasta julio de este año, cerca de 80.000 menores provenientes de esos países centroamericanos fueron detenidos por las autoridades estadounidenses a lo largo de la frontera con México. Continue reading the main story Related Coverage A Smuggled Girl’s Odyssey of False Promises and FearOCT. 5, 2014 Y ésos fueron los que lograron llegar hasta ese punto. A algunos los secuestraron los mismos coyotes a quienes sus familias pagaron miles de dólares para que los pasaran de contrabando a Estados Unidos; otros perdieron extremidades durante el viaje o fueron vendidos como esclavos sexuales. Otros pudieron regresar.

      Political corruption seen in immigrant relations at the border of US and Mexico.

  4. Sep 2015
    1. Archive news footage: The Guardian spoke to some of the parents of the 43 disappeared Mexico students in late 2014

      (see attached video)

      Parents report on the incredulity of their missing children. Pretty impressive that this horrible event is being used as an incentive to start a public movement against government corruption in general...I didn't realize this event had had so much of an effect on the system, I thought it was merely being reinvestigated!

    1. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4399403023001/corruption-in-mexico/?#sp=show-clips

      Although I have a lot of trouble with the way fox news presents information, i do find it interesting how these reporters comment on the pure "fact" of political corruption and the involvement of wealthy, dangerous people in the Mexican government. I feel like no matter what the political association of the reporter is, there is no question that there has been an absurd amount of illegal action on the part of the Mexican government.

    1. The crime of the 43 disappeared student protesters is without a doubt one of the worst crimes of the century to occur in Mexico. It is unusual and impressive for the Mexican government, known to be extremely secretive and corrupt, to be reinvestigating this case, which is giving parents of the children, as well as the general public serious anxiety as well as doubt. Is the motive for reinvestigation by the government the press that this case has received internationally? Is it unusual for the public to make their resentment and doubt so "heard" when the government is known to be so dangerous and corrupt?