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  1. Feb 2018
    1. “I was certainly feeling emotional, but not necessarily sad,”

      Emotion is a great way of showing symbolism and being multimodal. Based entirely it can be interpreted as sadness, but with context and background info it becomes happiness.

    2. They liked its history; “Terminus” was one of Atlanta’s original names because the city grew around the terminus point of a railroad that linked Georgia to the Midwest. Terminus, literally, means “end of the line.”

      Here the name of the group is multimodal because it can be interpreted to have different meanings and is a symbol of what the group represents.

    3. None of them were happy with Atlanta Ballet’s new direction.

      What exactly about the Atlanta Ballet did they not agree with?

    4. John Welker (Photo by Joseph Guay/Terminus.)

      The photos like this one are very dramatic and convey a sense of confidence and awe. This helps to highlight that the members of Terminus are a big deal.

    5. The inside story of Terminus, the new dance company by five ex-Atlanta Ballet dancers

      The article is able to convey information in many different ways, using pictures, videos, and text.

    6. On April 26, we had our first rehearsal for a piece that, well, we don’t know what it is quite yet.

      Things don't always start with a meaning. A meaning can come from seeing it over and over (or experiencing it)and then interpreting what it means. This meaning can change from perspective to perspective.

    7. Lee and Gill worked to form a move that Lee had envisioned, then demonstrated it to Clark and Van Buskirk. At one point, it required Van Buskirk to fall back into the chest of Clark, like the trust game, where he was to grab her and lower her toward the ground. Instead, she slipped through his arms and, laughing, sprawled to the floor with the overdrawn panache of a silent film actress.

      Does this move have some sort of meaning is it symbolic of something? Is it trying to convey an idea?

    8. John Welker (principal male dancer for 21 years; retired last December), Christian Clark (15 years and the company’s principal leading man), Rachel Van Buskirk (10 seasons and star of the season opener Carmina Burana) and Heath Gill (seven seasons and the star of the season finale Camino Real).

      Lists the dancers and their ethos.

    9. Around her were some of the most recognizable faces of the company from the past decade

      This creates a symbolism(?) or creates an air about that shouts respectable and increases credibility of the group.

    10. The inside story of Terminus, the new dance company by five ex-Atlanta Ballet dancers

      The article uses a video to explain what the point of the article is in a way for people who don't want to read. This is an example of being multimodal. The viewer can either read or listen to the article.

  2. Jan 2018
    1. The lack of any obvious artistic or design elements to the grooves, the researchers write, can be taken as evidence that the object was periodically and precisely scraped to obtain red ochre.

      How are they so sure that this object was even a writing utensil to begin with. It could just be coincidence that the object is similar to a crayon. The material rubs off when used to write but that isn't hard evidence that that was it's original purpose. Without any context it just appears to be a crayon. Unlike how Haltman explained, the article is based purely on the physical aspects of the artifact instead of the more abstract side. What could the object have meant to the people of that era?