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  1. Oct 2020
    1. She let students speak

      Oh the horror! Compliance-based systems destroy so many kids.

    2. Critzer’s concern for the last quarter of the school year was whether her students were effectively engaged and learning the material they needed for the state tests.

      What a sad waste of a dedicated educator's time—perfecting test prep.

    1. This model is in my view useful for two different reasons.

      The model offers Vision, Skills, Incentives, Resources, and Action Plan as the five things that must be robust for true systems change to result.

    1. How often do we get ourselves trapped into splitting hairs, to find the very best option out of a set of perfectly good choices?

      If you have many good choices, just go with one and see what happens. As long as you avoid terrible choices, you remain in a low-risk state.

  2. Sep 2020
    1. What might an internal scorecard look like on paper? What would be measured? How would "what's" being measured avoid the pitfalls of using externally motivated/assigned goals?

    1. We have no real way of being able to discern what is mine, what is yours, what are we holding collectively, what have I inherited, what have I taken on as a measure of protection, of a way to cope at some point in my life or past lives, that I no longer need?

      A nice analogy about digging through a disorganized drawer or closet was used to talk about how what's inside us isn't solely what we own. We might find random things that were put there by others.