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  1. Sep 2015
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    1. re only 5.8% of retail sales total in the US. Nuts that online retail has bumped up to 33% in 2 years. I wonder where this number's from. Well, I suppose that a first stop doesn't necessarily mean they bought something there, though.

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    1. Some balloons bore long paper banners with intricate designs ranging from abstract patterns to the likeness of musicians and celebrities, someone’s girlfriend or mother, or, on many occasions, Jesus Christ.


    1. On an inauspicious Wednesday in 1660, Samuel Pepys left his lobsters in the back of a London taxi. According to his diary, he often purchased lobsters from fish markets in the city and brought them home for dinner. He also ate lobster at the homes of friends, served them at an elaborate dinn

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    2. Of course, Pepys fancied himself an epicurean with great taste in food and drink.