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  1. Apr 2020
    1. Manage Subscriber Data All the subscriber data that you get from the landing page, will be integrated automatically into KIRIM.EMAIL. You can segment the data for more targeted promotional purposes.

      Automate and validate

      All of your subscribers will automatically gets validated. If it's real and active email address, then your email automation will start running.

    2. Grow Your Email List You don't even need a website to start collecting subscribers. Just use our fully customizable landing page builder and you are ready to go.

      No Code Needed

      You can have a beautiful landing page without knowing any code. But still very customizable if you decide to go wild.

    3. No Need to Pay Hosting Services Again With our free, built-in landing page builder with a custom domain, you can save money on hosting services.

      Disini harus benefit utama dulu.

      Penghematan hosting bisa pindah kebawah.

      Get Subscribers Instantly

      No need fow a website, or a hosting services to start generating leads and subscribers. Drag, drop, and publish. And you're good to go.

    4. Landing Page Builder with Custom Domain

      Lead generation landing page with custom domain

    1. See How We Supercharge your Google Forms & Google Sheets

      If your business is running on Google Sheets, then it's time to step up the game!

    2. Supercharge Google Forms & Google Sheets to build a better customer relationship

      Conveniently run your marketing campaign and validate your email subscribers at once directly from Google Sheets, without any third party plugins or add-ons.

    3. Google Forms & Google Sheets Integrastion

      Marketing automation directly from Google Sheets

    4. It works smoothly with Google Forms. All the incoming data automatically synchronized directly to KIRIM.EMAIL.

      Maybe there's no form builder more flexible than Google Forms on the internet. You are already using it, and everyone knows what to do with it. Integrate your Google Forms to KIRIM.EMAIL, and it will run like any other opt-in form.

      Now you can create surveys, event registrations, or feedback forms, and sync the email addresses directly to KIRIM.EMAIL.

    5. You can share your Google Sheets to all your team and it still automatically synchronized with KIRIM.EMAIL.

      Now you can use Google Sheets amazing collaboration feature to manage your email list. Collaborate in real-time without giving up your account password to other people.

    6. Gunakan email automation secara langsung menggunakan Google Sheets. You don't even need website or landing page.

      Set your email automation once. After that, anytime you insert an email address to your Google Sheets, it will automatically receive your email.

    7. No need to use third party applications again.

      It's as easy as copy and pastes your email list to Google Sheets, and it will automatically get validated.

    8. validation


    9. Automatic Synchronization of Data on Forms and Sheets Directly

      Email automation and email validations, directly from Google Sheets.

    1. verifications


    2. Verification


    3. Verification


    4. You don't have to maintain your email list again, focus on your business.

      You don't have to maintain your email list again and can focus on growing your business.

    5. But duplicate emails are also a sign that your customer loves you and wants to do business with you over and over again! We glad they did! So we're supporting it big time!

      Ini hapus aja

    6. You don't have to maintain your email list again


    7. never


    8. verification


    9. The only email marketing services with built-in automated email verifications.

      Then only email marketing services with built-in email validations & automatic list cleaner.

  2. Mar 2020
    1. Email marketing service that built-in with email verifier technology with no additional cost

      With our 3 step email verification technology, you don't have to verify your email list, ever again.

      Cut your email marketing bills right now.

      No extra cost for duplicate contact, we've counted a person, not subscribers. No lousy email like spam traps, bot, or email address that no longer used, your email list will always be fresh and filled with real human beings that read your email and learn about your offer. Single price, single dashboard. No need to pay separately for email marketing + email verification services. Increase your open rate and conversion rate instantly.

      Stop worrying, cut your email marketing cost, and start growing your business.

    2. Meet KIRIM.EMAIL

      Stop paying too much for email marketing + email verification services.

    1. You have different offers and your customers signed up twice, that's good until you realize that it makes your list seems large with similar (even same) email account.

      *With our 3 step email verification technology, you don't have to worry about maintaining your list. We will constantly reviewing your emial list, removing the bots, spam trap, so you don't have to pay for all that trash "renting" your email list.

      It will always be real people on your list.*

    2. Low Cost = High Margin

      Ini bisa pake angle Kiri yang lagi juggling bola aja.

    3. Baiknya ada CTA di setiap segment landing page, dan didata. Berapa orang yang mengklik tombol apa.

      Ini bisa jadi signal buat kita, mana bagian yang paling menarik dan stopper di landing page kita.

    4. Your customer might sign up twice!

      Disini langsung bahas benefit utama. Apa penawaran utama kita untuk mencapai benefit itu.

      Mungkin judulnya:

      Conveniently Human, With Affordability in Mind.

      Cona cek ke Grammarly ya. Diterima ga ini.

    5. your business by interacting to real human (not spam, not a bot) Verify your email list with no clicks at KIRIM.EMAIL and send your email to human, not a bot

      Beberapa ide headline:

      • Grow your business with real human.
      • Real human, real business. Sub judul: No bot, no inactive email. Built your living breathing human that will going read your email.