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  1. Feb 2023
    1. Get support. Consider starting a conversation with other teachers or the child’s family about AI-generated workand the importance of students writing authentically.

      For higher education students and especially where its used as a support tool then I think it would be very useful to highlight how they may get the extra support they need. Not everyone cheats because they are lazy, or disorganised. If they get into higher education it's an achievement so to throw it away in this way could highlight deeper issues around support, well being etc.

    2. Set Clear Classroom Expectations For AI-Generated Writing

      I think this is crucial, along with educating the public, parents, students, other teachers about what it can and can't do. The more familiar people are then scarmongering and negative attitudes towards its use might be addressed quickly. Everyone is an expert and have their own views based on what they have read or been told so we may as well do what we can to promote ethical and sensible/useful examples of its application support teaching and learning.

    3. academic dishonesty

      raises concerns around permissions to use third party tools and submission of students work as well as what if its wrong? What would that do to the student trust etc?

    4. currently free

      As of 2nd Feb 2023 launch in the US (only) of ChatGPT3 premium service for $20 a month. Article here via CNN

    5. Created by CommonLit and Quill.org Common Lit Quill.org Both non-profits which makes me feel better :)

  2. Aug 2022
    1. ‘If suppliers cannot get the money they are owed, they may need to cut jobs to reduce costs. This could lead to widespread job losses in the energy sector.’

      If Shell made £3.5 billion then it will not cost jobs, it will cost profits. How much do they need to have and at what cost to the rest of us?