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  1. Sep 2016
    1. authors can collaborate on stories through wikis as a form of docu-ment hosting. Any number can take turns editing a text, adding, delet-ing, or modifying words.

      I think it would be very fascinating if we as a class got to do a wiki type blog. For example, a problem could be given to the class and everyone would have the opportunity to go into the blog and edit the answer to their best knowledge. Although it would turn out to be annoying to the students, the instructor could just sit back and watch how his students think and get an idea of how informed his students are pertaining to that topic.

    2. Readers can enter into dialogue with the story through blog comments

      I think this style is very excited because readers can determine how/where the story goes. It gives readers a sense of attachment with the story.

    3. , I found myself thinking of each blog as the stu-dent ’ s self-representation, far more than I had through such other digital teaching tools as discussion boards and Web 1.0–style Web pages. They felt like personae, the face of the student in my class, as opposed to their broader life.

      When I first realized that we were going to create blogs for this class, I thought our blogs were going to be like every other social media where our whole lives are on it but then I later realized that it is just going to be "our whole lives dealing with ds106"(although we can personalize it to represent ourselves).

    1. When you put your work out into the world, you have to be ready for the good, the bad, and the ugly. The more people come across your work, the more criticism you’ll face.

      I believe part of being a better person is learning how to take critics. Critics are not always going to be a good thing but they teach you how to improve yourself and make yourself a better person. Without criticism how would we learn from the past? indeed the more criticism you get, the stronger you become. Also when you do get criticized , that means that you are making an influence in the world and you are being seen.

    2. The minute you learn something, turn around and teach it to others

      This statement is a very intellectual statement because part of the learning experience is teaching others, when you invest in someone’s learning, they will somehow invest in yours. There is no way this world would be educated if someone didn’t turn around and educate another person.