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  1. Jul 2024
    1. need may arise

      it wold be useful to have a link to synopsis

  2. Jun 2024
    1. two rollings, most complete rolling

      of the two rollings, the most complete one has

  3. May 2024
    1. 3. Volumetry

      move p, before emplacement

    2. Loci and squares

      loci actually include squares, see MZA volumetry

    1. Phase 9s

      in the side bar, these phases are in inverse alphabetical order, I assume they should be changed?

    1. comprises

      a stratum does not really "comprise" a phase perhaps "is included in"?

    1. within Unit A15

      this, too, could be omitted -- same for the other rpages

    2. A15 synthetic

      perhaps best to leave out "A15" sionce it is already in the title above

    1. Depositional history

      this is duplicated in the "Deposition" page, and may be eliminated here

    1. MZA

      remove, since it is indicated above that we are within MZA

    2. Gully wash

      I would place this in bold

    3. strata.

      This is a most useful chart -- it may be good to add the horizons

    4. Phase 4

      phase 5 ?

    5. area.(a41)

      period sometime missing, sometime before paren -- perhaps omit

    1. Early Khabur occupation

      this really belongs above in this page, since you describe first the depositional sequence, and then the installations and the objects

    2. section


    3. ures

      remove extra space below

    4. underlay

      are the accumulations below the structures?

    5. There were numerous sherds in the accumulations so individual q-lots may have concentrations of Mittani or Khabur sherds mixed with the originally deposited Isin Larsa or UrIII material.

      unclear, can you explain better?

    1. contains all the accumulations

      in this an other photos, it would be useful to indicate the phase, graphically, on the template

    1. may mark

      I would say "marks" -- This is important, and I would enter it in the strata chart

    2. Ceramics and items from this stratum have been fully analyzed and cataloged.


    1. Ceramics and items from this stratum have been fully analyzed and cataloged.

      This does not seem particularly informative, omit?

    2. Ishar Kinum'


    3. UrIII

      Ur III

    4. ceramics phase 4


    1. ceramic vessels

      what about Tar'am-Agade's seal impression?

    2. Typology

      we sould discuss this term

    1. f550

      give links, here and below

    2. nine seal impressions and an architectural tablet.

      give numbers?