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  1. Dec 2020
    1. The stunning victory at San Jacinto brought an immediate end to hostilities, independence for Texas, and the birth of the Republic of Texas

      This shows that Santa Anna's efforts to scare the Texans and lessen their numbers failed.

    1. From my prior knowledge, Santa Anna had tried to prove himself stronger and more powerful than anything in his way of ultimate power. This article will help my debate because it can tell the story from the Mexicans side.

    2. This is from andrews.edu as one of my sources for the debate.

    3. Santa Anna disappeared during the battle

      Disappearing during a battle in which you are commanding an army? That shows me that he, however strong his army may be, was a coward who's only plan was to hopefully scare the Texans. We can see how that worked out here.

    4. If only Santa Anna had not repealed the Constitution of 1824. If only Santa Anna had not dissolved the legislatures. If only Santa Anna had not killed every Texan prisoner. If only Santa Anna had not gone to sleep without posting a guard at San Jacinto. If only Santa Anna had done any of these things Texas would probably still be a Mexican state; however, Santa Anna did none of these things. In fact it was his failure to do any of these things that caused Texas to become an independent republic.

      This is good opinion/info to support my claim. If only Santa Anna had given mercy to the Texans, he could've used them against their side, and they could've helped him get more prisoners or win the revolution and continue his rein over Texas.

    5. The way the Alamo was destroyed also caused the remaining Texan army to be even more determined.

      This should've shown Santa Anna that he wasn't going to win by scaring them, he was going to have to use his head and his army to fight the Texans, with any hope of winning in the fight.

    6. At first Santa Anna's policy of execution carried the desired effect; all the Texans ran toward the American border (see map). However, his policy backfired. All the weak hearted Texan soldiers quit the army leaving only the hard core men.

      This is good to show how his execution of Texas soldiers wasn't working for him because everyone was willing to fight even harder, not going to die without a fight.