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  1. Apr 2019
  2. Nov 2016
    1. Modulation of extracellular signal-related kinase, cyclin D1, glial fibrillary acidic protein, and vimentin expression in estradiol-pretreated astrocyte cultures treated with competence and progression growth factors
    1. Linear correlation between the number of olfactory sensory neurons expressing a given mouse odorant receptor gene and the total volume of the corresponding glomeruli in the olfactory bulb
    1. Purification and characterization of GAD65-specific monoclonal autoantibodies [version 1; referees: 1 approved with reservations]

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    1. Morphological analysis of the early development of telencephalic and diencephalic gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuronal systems in enhanced green fluorescent protein-expressing transgenic medaka lines
    1. Overexpression of miR-18a negatively regulates myocyte enhancer factor 2D to increase the permeability of the blood–tumor barrier via Krüppel-like factor 4-mediated downregulation of zonula occluden-1, claudin-5, and occludin
    1. Marked differences in the number and type of synapses innervating the somata and primary dendrites of midbrain dopaminergic neurons, striatal cholinergic interneurons, and striatal spiny projection neurons in the rat