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  1. Sep 2016
    1. The state's Department of Environmental Quality downplayed months of complaints from Flint residents that their water was discolored, smelly, and undrinkable.

      If the department was willing to downplay these complaints, I wonder how they treated other issues? This really makes me feel uneasy knowing how much people are willing to prolong and hide issues instead of protecting there residents.

    1. But Democrats said there was no need to delay aid to any of the ailing communities. “Let’s take action, but let’s not pick and choose who we take action for,”

      Unfortunately by delaying the passing of the bill, they are picking and choosing who they take action for. The Flint water crisis needs attention from the government immediately, but more important is the thousand of jobs that could be lost if the government shuts down.

    2. “We have to get Flint done, the sooner the better,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters Tuesday

      Although the Flint water crisis will take years to solve, I don't agree with Nancy Peloski's attitude of rushing the process rather than meticulously getting it right. Hopefully they will find a plan that will work rather than just procrastinating as congress usually does or the Flint local government did originally.

    3. The Senate blocked progress Tuesday on a bill that would keep the government fully operating past midnight Friday, led by Democrats who are vowing not to support any spending extension until Congress guarantees federal funding to address the drinking-w

      The Flint Water Crisis is a horrible problem, but I doubt the shut down of the whole government is merited by it. I wonder if a separate program can be created for Flint instead of shutting down the current budget plan. How has water mismanagement started this conflict which may even halt the government.

    1. testing available to communities in need, like he did in Flint.

      What we need the most is universal testing for water, as we already all have the same standards. Edwards is taking a step further by making testing available, but like how the privatization of water is negative for its environment, testing equipment should always be available for those in need.

    2. Since Edwards and his team intervened, the world has taken notice. They published all the documents from the FOIA requests, which showed just how badly the government had betrayed the people of Flint.

      Again, government's purpose is to represent the people, so again the betrayal of the people of Flint is disturbing, because I wonder if there are other cities who's leadership would cover a water issue as well.

    3. state and local officials that there was something seriously wrong with the orange-tinted water coming out of her tap

      Edwards' intervention really brought this issue to the main stream, but if state and local officials are oblivious to orange tinted water being hurtful to the cities residence. A purge of the authorities should be in order, as they seem to be lazy and not actually focused on their communities problems.

    4. Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committe

      Finding someone the community trusts to find a long term solution to this issue is essential if the government wants to improve relations with the town's residence. Great PR move, and an even better regulatory decision in order to fix the water crisis.