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  1. Oct 2015
    1. Lori Emerson

      I'm currently reading her book, "Reading Writing Interfaces", which was the inspiration for me taking this edX course by @samplereality. Recommended!

    2. whose genesis in the U.S. can be traced

      The genesis of e-lit must surely trace back further than that. T.S. Eliot? The Dadaists? E-lit could not have been born merely from the advent of computers, it must also be the product of a particular literary tradition, right?

    3. cannot be experienced in any meaningful way

      This addresses some of my concern with the ELO's use of "take advantage of". Here, the interconnectedness and dependency is made more central

    1. contexts

      This, I'm fascinated by, and need to dwell on more. What is the "context" of a computer? Its language? Its interface?

    2. take advantage of

      "take advantage of" doesn't seem strong enough. The relationship between the work and the computer are, I think, much more intertwined. e-lit doesn't "take advantage of" this situation, it is born from it, empowered by it.