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  1. Oct 2015
    1. It seems, Danny Cheesums likes Scott Walker. :)

      But, really, this is very interesting. Our preferences are being guessed and we're bombarded with things that we might find interesting. I would like to see a study of the efficacy of this particular technology.

    1. Before the Web, self-publishing was more complicated than it is on the Web, because authors had to make physical copies on diskette and distribute these.

      While this process does not sound ideal, was it better? With the advent of these new technologies, we're bombarded my more media than is necessary (and some of the quality is suspect). Is this a responsible use issue? Or, has the technology caused some rifts or shifts in the quality expectations for published work?

    1. I think that the cultural difference here is interesting. This is a nice example of how terms can change based on culture. It's good to know that in Europe, we'd be discussing different things when using the term "digital literature."

    1. Kinetic poetry presented in Flash and using other platforms

      I have a basic understanding about Kinetic poetry, but I would like to learn more. It is a concept that intrigues me and that I would like to explore. I like the idea of taking poetry to new places. There are lots of interesting possibilities here.