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  1. Nov 2022
    1. it is estimated that fewer than 6,000 projects have been certified in the United States in the 10 years since LEED was established, the program has significantly raised public and professional awareness

      In comparison to ...

  2. Mar 2022
    1. Stopping biodiversity loss is nowhere close to the top of any country's priorities, trailing far behind other concerns such as employment, healthcare, economic growth, or currency stability.

      Would be compelling for us to try to map and visualize any colorations between these.

  3. May 2021
    1. A twentieth century problem is that technology has become too "easy". When it was hard to do anything whether good or bad, enough time was taken so that the result was usually good. Now we can make things almost trivially, especially in software, but most of the designs are trivial as well. This is inverse vandalism: the making of things because you can. Couple this to even less sophisticated buyers and you have generated an exploitation marketplace similar to that set up for teenagers. A counter to this is to generate enormous dissatisfaction with one's designs using the entire history of human art as a standard and goal. Then the trick is to decouple the dissatisfaction from self worth—otherwise it is either too depressing or one stops too soon with trivial results.

      "This is inverse vandalism" is interesting, but giving agency to anyone to build with technology is powerful. Although a lot of the trendy tools you see popup day to day are mostly all just new clones of older tools and principles. For example just this week (2021-05-08) we are seeing a bursting of LinkedIn comparators. But they are not improvements in the networking and work aggregation methods used to help with job placement.

    2. For the first time I thought of the whole as the entire computer and wondered why anyone would want to divide it up into weaker things called data structures and procedures. Why not divide it up into little computers, as time sharing was starting to? But not in dozens. Why not thousands of them, each simulating a useful structure?

      This feels like one of the biggest defects of the computer we have now. My iPhone, iPad, and Mac are all isolated, although networked computing devices. When in principle they could be a single networked computer.

  4. Sep 2020
    1. Chen Peng, who found massive popularity with Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna thanks to his oversized puffer jackets, is one such poster child. He returned to China by collaborating with the Alibaba group: joining Tmall’s New York Fashion Week

      That's really smart, bring more brands to TMall where they actually make revenue.

    2. Alibaba’s maker festival, from foreign brands to local brands

      Could be interesting to see what foreign brand.

    1. Increased worldwide recognition of Chinese fashion

      Has this changed in recent years? Or is it more about gerneral reconition of China?

  5. May 2020
    1. We also don’t have therapies or a vaccine — despite, again, years of advance warning about bat-borne coronaviruses. Our scientists will hopefully invent therapies and a vaccine, but then we may not have the manufacturing factories required to scale their production. And even then, we’ll see if we can deploy therapies or a vaccine fast enough to matter — it took scientists 5 years to get regulatory testing approval for the new Ebola vaccine after that scourge’s 2014 outbreak, at the cost of many lives.

      There is something interesting about seeing how the maker spaces, creators and shops, are the some of the only "factories" that can produce goods in these times.

    2. Many of us would like to pin the cause on one political party or another, on one government or another. But the harsh reality is that it all failed — no Western country, or state, or city was prepared — and despite hard work and often extraordinary sacrifice by many people within these institutions. So the problem runs deeper than your favorite political opponent or your home nation.

      This is not entirely true, there was a task force crated under President Obama during the Emboli outbreak to deal with these pandemics.

      Please see the following:

  6. Apr 2020