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  1. Apr 2022
    1. when a team member deems it necessary due to changes in the student’s needs.

      IEP team members must use a collaborative process to determine which AT will best meet the needs of the student and have clearly defined procedures for considering, assessing AT needs, and implementing the AT in educational settings. Recommendations regarding the use of AT must be made based on typical tasks the student must complete in the educational environments.

    2. assistive technology

      We should place the definition of Assistive Technology here: Assistive Technology is technology used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

    3. Oklahoma AbleTech,

      Correct to "Oklahoma ABLE Tech"

    4. Kuster, S. M., et al.

      Add the year after et al., ______).

    5. Tools

      Change to "Devices"

    6. tools

      Change to "devices"

    7. Common AT Tools Tool

      Can we please change the term "tools" to "devices" to stay consistent?

    8. Oklahoma AbleTech can also discuss possible avenues for acquiring funds for procurement.

      Correct to "Oklahoma ABLE Tech" Can we perhaps revise to say, "Oklahoma ABLE Tech provides a Funding Guide resource of both Public and Private Funders to educators and families at _." Then provide the link to the Funding Guide- https://www.okabletech.org/resources/at-funding-guide/

    9. Device loan

      Can we please add that "Devices can be loaned for up to six weeks for trialing the effectiveness of the device." ?

    10. Oklahoma AbleTech

      Please correct to read "Oklahoma ABLE Tech"

      Can we add a link to our Device Loan program?

    11. AT should be coordinated with a student during transitions from school to college or workforce.

      Same as above, could we consider changing this sentence to read something like, "In order to ensure the student is successful in the transition process, AT must be coordinated......" or "Coordinating AT with a student during transitions is strongly encouraged to ensure....."

    12. FAPE))

      Remove second )

    13. Oklahoma AbleTech provides training to schools on AT evaluation processes, such as QIAT, SETT (Student, Environment, Task, Tools) and WATI (Wisconsin

      Change link identification to "Oklahoma ABLE Tech."

      Consider adding an additional line to provide information about what ABLE Tech is- "Oklahoma ABLE Tech is the state Federal Assistive Technology Act (The Assistive Technology Act of 2004- P.L. 108-364). ABLE Tech's mission is to increase access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services."

    14. The extended time was demonstrated to enhance the grades of students with disabilities necessitating this.

      There are several more appropriate Myths we could add here: All AT is high tech and expensive. What works well for one student will work well for all students. If you have Universal Design for Learning (UDL), you don't need AT. In order to reach their academic potential, students should use AT for everything.