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  1. Jun 2018
    1. I stamp on your lips my last goodbye!

      It is curious how the author doesn't include his "blonde" until the last verse when it is obvious that his desires wouldn't be complete without her presence until his death.

    2. upon exhaling my fugitive breath,

      I'm not sure if this could be seen as a personification.

    3. Where the proud coconut and the willow can grow.

      This is another proof of his desires of living in the beach.

    4. At the edge of Aragua I want a parcelTo supply me with simple pleasures

      Aragua is a state in Venezuela. When he talks about the edge of Aragua he is referring to a very famous beach called Cata / Choroni.

    5. When I cover the altars with offerings?

      This author is from Venezuela my home country. Most part of my country is catholic and when he talks about offerings it is really common in the middle of the service to make offerings to god in order to ask for any kind of favor.