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  1. May 2020
    1. seeking autonomous attention within one of the many niches it is itself creating continuously.

      seeking autonomous attention niches itself creates

    2. drawn in by the clusters that it might have created itself in the first place.

      might have created itself

    3. lexible and insistent at the same time

      flexible and insistent

    4. not-necessarily-for-profit, it seeks self-generated traction

      self-generated tracion

    5. propels one further across the network of possibilities in order to find the other ventures or to re-visit the already explored ones.

      propels across network of possibilities

    6. acknowledges their multiplicity and yet respects the specificity of every one of them. It’s a constant interplay between wandering and swirling, and wandering and swirling again.

      acknowledge multiplicity specificity wandering swirling

    7. the realization that one exists under the conditions of many possible centers of attraction operating simultaneously

      polysingularity definition

    8. use it to make sense of disjointed bits and pieces of information, get visual summaries for text documents, and generate insight for your research process

      make sense of disjointed bits visual summaries generate insights

    9. successful already at the moment of its very inception because things will never be the same afterwards.

      successful at inception

    10. discourse the enterprise is generating around its fiction, the gain of traction, the transformation of fiction into a polysingular meme,

      discourse traction polysingular meme

    11. The resulting network of interactions is an autopoietic entity in that it constantly recreates itself.

      autopoietic entity

    12. enterprise because it wants to become real and tangible through translating itself into the business practices and embracing the interface of money as one of the most efficient mediums to conduct transactions between the fiction and reality.

      real embracing interface of money transaction fiction reality

    13. accepts the high risk of failure but hopes for the high gain.

      high risk gain

    14. It forms a network with the rest of what’s considered to be real in order to inscribe itself into the everyday life.

      form network real inscribe

    15. propose its own world, behavior, and episteme.

      propose episteme

    16. Venture fiction is a practice of creating enterprises in order to communicate ideas

      venture fiction definition

    17. a practice of reality sculpting based on one’s own fantasy

      reality sculpting