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    1. David Ing David Ing has been active on federated wiki since 2014.

    1. Miller columns (also known as cascading lists[1]) are a browsing/visualization technique that can be applied to tree structures.

    1. IndyVerse / web3.storage Public forked from web3-storage/web3.storage


    1. npm workspaces to handle resolving dependencies between the local packages/* folders.

      npm worlspaces

    1. unleash their best collective intelligence

      unleash best collective intelligence

    2. promote thriving cultures for executives, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who want to scale small team fluidity and agility the same way nature's most successful teams do

      thriving cultures


      scale team fluidity


    3. expand innovation pipelines

      expand innovation pipelines

    4. Frustrated by inertia, disengagement, and stale innovatio

      inertia disengatment

      stale innovation

    5. Is your organization still stuck in hierarchies and silos

      stuck in silos hierachies

    6. a unified theory of what organizations must do to scale exponentially

      organizations scala exponentially

    1. Eventually everything connects — people, ideas, objects… the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

    1. Agents - of consciousness, i.e., people, communities or bots

      Need People Centric networks

      the archutectural concept of Agent

      emphasizes machines

      and fails to build systems based ob humant trust for trust (Turst but verify) better than any machine could ever hope to accomplish

      Apart from that, I do appreciate very much what you are doing here.,


    2. Stargate, which will be used to host and distribute holowebs.

      Stargate host holowebs

    3. a singular globally distributed semantic directed acyclic graph

      singular globally distributed semantic

      directed acyclic graph

      global brain

    4. switchable interfaces are created within a meta-interface, or interface system.

      switcheable interfaces


    5. Holomap essentially represents or models a centralised, single-interface Holoweb

      cenralized single-interface holoweb

    6. beyond the currently established concept of applications ("apps" and "dApps") altogether, and instead providing a universal sense-making/interaction ecology.




    7. Holomap (previously called Noomap and Waysphere

      holomap noomap waysphere

    8. decentralised web technologies including Holochain and Scuttlebut,



    9. reusable switchable lenses or interfaces with specific semantic data type compatibility.




    10. as purpose-specific perceptual-semantic domains for communication, expression and interaction.


      perceptual-semantic domains

      for communication



    11. blockchains of semantic data.

      blockchain of semantic data

      need DHTs not DLTs for intertwingled dynamically evolving semantic data

    12. integrity, addressability and linkage is fully independent of where it is hosted

      independent of hosted

    13. set of protocols and a biologically inspired meta-ontology, semantic data structure and perceptual-semantic coherence layer enabling an equivalent of applications (dApps), without dependence on singular networks (whether centralised or decentralised), and their associated infrastructure, culture, economic dynamics, etc.


      biologically inspired


      coherence layer

    1. Blockchains are typically managed by a peer-to-peer network for use as a publicly distributed ledger

      p2p network distributed ledger

    2. Blockchain


    1. Holoweb: The Holonic WebA Decentralised Network-Independent Protocol and ApplicationFramework for Global Perceptual-Semantic Communication andEnhanced Sense-Making
    1. What is the Holoweb? The word holoweb is an abbreviation of holonic web: a nature-inspired global data structure and World-Wide Web.

    2. Transcend the Web The web is flat, 2-dimensional, owned by big business. Another web is possible. Learn More See Inside supporting sovereignty, privacy, freedom of speech, & sense-making



    1. makeFileObjects()
      const obj = { hello: 'world' }
      const blob = new Blob([JSON.stringify(obj)], {type : 'application/json'})
      const files =  [new File([blob], 'hello.json')]
    2. create a Web3.Storage client object
      import { Web3Storage } from 'web3.storage'
      function getAccessToken() {
        // If you're just testing, you can paste in a token
        // and uncomment the following line:
        // return 'paste-your-token-here'
        // In a real app, it's better to read an access token from an 
        // environement variable or other configuration that's kept outside of 
        // your code base. For this to work, you need to set the
        // WEB3STORAGE_TOKEN environment variable before you run your code.
        return process.env.WEB3STORAGE_TOKEN
      function makeStorageClient() {
        return new Web3Storage({ token: getAccessToken() })
    3. Installing the client
      npm install web3.storage --save
    4. array of Files, you can upload them with the client's put method

      upload with put

    5. manually create File objects using the native File constructor


    6. How to store data using Web3.Storage
      • learn : Web3.Storage
    1. Video Explanation of SALSA (Self-Assessed Licenses Sold via Auction) - Nestor Bonilla

  2. wiky.fission.app wiky.fission.app
    1. Proper tail calls have been implemented but not yet shipped given that a change to the feature is currently under discussion at TC39proper tail calls

      subject to bit rot

    2. Chrome (and by extension, The Internet) will probably never have proper tail call implementation, unfortunately. See answer below.

      Who can Annotate the Annotations

    1. stacked like cordwood in an open office

      stacked like cordwood

    2. fast onboarding and exboarding process

      onboarding exbording

    1. The P2P Foundation was co-founded by Michel Bauwens and James Burke in 2005

      James Burke

    1. intentionality of language can be described without reference to speaker intentions and that an understanding of the intentionality of thought can and should be divorced from the problem of understanding consciousness. The results support a realist theory of truth and of universals, and open the way for a nonfoundationalist and nonholistic approach to epistemology.

      Clear statement of the current thinking.

      Logical progression and fulfilment of the urge to attein knolwedge without the knowing subjects.

      The dual of all this is the one we need:

      intentional, holistic, foundational epistemology.

    1. o forward and update your toolchain

      go forwad

    2. If you’re building ES6 modules, you won’t be able to import any code that isn’t written in ES6 module format

      Perfect target to plug out to

    3. Rollup won’t transpile away new JavaScript features for very old, ES5-only browsers. It does nothing with ES6 — ignoring await, async , etc.

      Rollup does nothing!


    4. Create a project — with a clear entry point, that will be included by your HTML — that uses import and export to place your code into modules.

      clear entry point and extension point!

    5. This is an amazing 🌊 water mark— if you ship code via ES6 modules, you can use modern JavaScript features without compiling, or polyfills — both which can slow down modern browsers or result in larger binary sizes.

      ES6 in browser 🌊

    6. ES6 Modules in Chrome M61+

    1. ES6 Modules are in the latest V8 and are also arriving in other browsers behind flags. See: medium.com/dev-channel/… – Nexii Malthus May 25 '17 at 12:17
    1. Chrome (and by extension, The Internet) will probably never have proper tail call implementation, unfortunately. See answer below.

      chrom by extenrison the interne twon#t have TCO

    2. V8 team removed the code for supporting TCO from the source for TurboFan* as it would otherwise be subject to bitrot.

      code remov bit rot

    3. the V8 team raised significant issues with TCO

      Tail call optimization in ES6

    1. Proper tail calls have been implemented but not yet shipped given that a change to the feature is currently under discussion at TC39

      proper tail calls

    1. this belief is invalidated by the v8 team which sees it as mostly performance neutral, and the Chakra team which, due to other constraints, may not be able to implement the feature without regressing performance of existing code that happens to include tail calls or sacrificing spec conformance.
      • about : PTC

      proper tail calls

    1. ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) | Can I use... Support tables for ...

      ES6 browser support

    1. using a file chooser to prompt the user for files to store
      const fileInput = document.querySelector('input[type="file"]')
      // Pack files into a CAR and send to web3.storage
      const rootCid = await client.put(fileInput.files, {
        name: 'cat pics',
        maxRetries: 3
    2. JavaScript client library reference
      import { Web3Storage } from 'web3.storage'
      // Construct with token and endpoint
      const client = new Web3Storage({ token: apiToken })
  3. docs.web3.storage docs.web3.storage
    1. Quickstart
      • go : learn - Web3.Storage How-tos

    1. ஂ (TAMIL SIGN ANUSVARA) utf-8 character icon TAMIL SIGN ANUSVARA is one of the 128 characters in the Tamil Unicode subset.

      • for : component
    1. Tibetan unicode subset Here is the list of 256 utf-8 characters in Tibetan subsets.


    1. Ministers are looking to lift 'Plan B' restrictions in England, with vaccine passports and work from home guidance expected to go before the end of this month — but face masks are likely to remain in public settings.

      plan b

    2. This is different to the Government's daily tally, which includes all deaths within 28 days of a positive Covid deaths — it means people who test positive for the virus but happen to be killed in a car crash are included.

      with covid

    1. window.addEventListener('load', function () {

      window loaded

    2. jQuery document.ready in Vanilla JavaScript
      • web know how : document ready
    1. Schools and workplaces will also benefit greatly from the test. Whether a person should be considered for receiving a booster vaccine can also be evaluated with this quick test, as the results are available within minutes from a fingertip blood sample.

      test for considering booster

    2. rapidly determine the presence of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies

    1. --cors - Enables CORS for any origin (reflects request origin, requests with credentials are supported)
      • web know how : enable cors live-server
    1. headers: { 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*', 'Access-Control-Allow-Credentials': 'true' //just in case }

      webpack dev server allow origin

    1. Disagreements within FDA over booster shots According to what sources told Axios, Gruber and Krause are leaving partly because they feel FDA has been sidelined by the White House. Endpoints reports that "what finally did it for them was the White House getting ahead of FDA on booster shots."


    1. To practice the self-organizing power of sociocracy, which we apply in the organization of tasks, participation in the Proposal and Advice Process, and facilitation of our governance meetings.

      self-organizing power of sociocracy

    1. A Minimum Viable Commons


    2. encode their community values within these economies

      encode values

      vs cultivate, cureate grow thorugh trusted interpersonal communication and collaboration at scale


    3. The Commons Stack: Scaling the Commons to Re-Prioritize People and the Planet

    1. “I've just applied to become a member of the Trusted Seed of Commons Stack! 🌱”

      trusted seed of Commons Stack 🌱

    1. Chris Casillas 3rd degree connection 3rd Towards a world that works for all Regenerating Sonora, Inc. Superior, Arizona, United States

    1. Knowledge CommonsDeveloping DAO Capabilitiesweb3 Education ProjectKnowledge CommonsPurpose: To advance open source knowledge necessary for good DAOing in an engaging way so that more communities actualize their unique potential to appreciate Life. Project: To build an open source Community DAO Knowledge Commons Library that curates information, tools, maps, interviews, data, and other learning instruments for the purpose of supporting communities interested in DAOing.

      Knowledge Commons

    2. Advancing the DAO knowledge commons

    3. Developing sociotechnical capabilities for good DAOing

    1. while(elem.attributes.length > 0) elem.removeAttribute(elem.attributes[0].name);
      while(elem.attributes.length > 0)

      contrast with markdown

      trailmarks uses a univorm notation to capture all that markdown does with special syntax

      reducing complexity in wiriting/processing and cognitive load just learn the conce[ts, remember their name and off you go

      • about : TrailMarks Mark In vs MarkDown
    2. Remove all attributes
      • know how : Web
  4. Jan 2022
    1. node.dag.get(cid) is a function that takes a CID and returns content.

      node.dag.get content by CID

    2. IPFS.asCID(hash) converts the string representation of the CID to an instance of the CID class.
      • for : orbitdb magic
    1. DearWise.Earth Regenerative Development AgencyDWE.Consulting - DWE.Media - DWE.Investments - DWE.Living Labs

    1. The React Framework for ProductionNext.js gives you the best developer experience with all the features you need for production: hybrid static & server rendering, TypeScript support, smart bundling, route pre-fetching, and more. No config needed.



    1. Regional reputation-based group economy, designed for intentional communities and cooperatives.

      intentional communities

    1. Define requirements for the configuration a relational database to support value flows in the movements

      relational database

    2. human-centric DAOs,


    3. ecosystems needs to be connected and enlivened by practices worth replicating, inspirations, trust, and other resources reduces flowing through the channels in and across them.

      connected and enliven by practices worth repeating

    4. Enlivening the Planetary Shift

    1. “The World Is Sacred” The world is sacred.It can’t be improved.If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it.If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it.― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

    2. Enliven Large-Scale Emergence

    1. The main goal of Phase I is to build a hub for anyone interested in decentralized organizations & applications.

      The main goal of IndyLab is to empower individuals to be their own hub with the ability to connect with each onter built on trust (but verify), for trust co-create and colaborate in their own(ed) communities. Co-evolve Commons-based peer-produced Autonomous, Personal First, constellations for Ambient, InterPersonal, InterPlanetary Hypermedia co-creation and co-laboration

      • for : metagame

    2. Phases of MetaGamePhase I: Seed​
    1. The long term goal of MetaGame is to build an alternative society; a global society focused around solving problems - not squeezing the world for profit.Building the future we want to live in:A more collaborative, transparent & decentralized future.A future in which human progress isn’t accelerating its destruction. Read more about the Phases of MetaGame

    2. Players of MetaGame are on a quest to change the way people coordinate around solving problems & creating value.The quest stretches from fixing the onboarding to the Ethereum space & composingthe basic socio-economic infrastructure, to grappling with actual problems.You know, the opposite of the first crypto-world problems.But, it all starts with Seeds…

    3. A Massive Online Coordination Game

    1. PROFOUND Implications for the World!

    2. Nassim Haramein on new understandings in physics, discussing topics covered in Module 8 of the Resonance Academy's free Unified Science Course, during one of the "Live with Nassim" virtual events. You can delve into the science further by enrolling in the Resonance Academy’s free Unified Science Course with Nassim Haramein, an international academy faculty and more than 111k enrolled participants from 80+ countries - now with a newly added Module 7: New Advances In Unified Physics - at: https://www.resonancescience.org/academy

    1. A conversation between Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Stephen Wolfram at the Wolfram Summer School 2021


    1. Each angel can be measured by the Planck. They are the pixels of the universe, the pixies. They are the messengers of light, the quants.

      According to the latest theory of Everything yes

    2. no separation between physics and metaphysics. It is an indivisible unity that joins the visible and the invisible into a unified field, the universe, the atom of universal consciousness.

      And this is not just a metaphor

      I call this "Symbolic Unity" that undergirds Physics and Consciousness in the Metaphysics of Adjacency. I am working on it. Will post a link here when ready to share. Meanwhile some random tweets




    3. universal consciousness as space time. The universe, the medium of life, is the message.

      universal consciousness as space time universe medium for life is the message

    4. Humans, collectively, were just in the process of becoming self-aware and self-conscious. They were just becoming other-aware and other-conscious.

      self/other aware conscious

    5. non-violently overwhelm their rulers with ease by simply refusing their labour.

      non-violent oeverwhelm

    6. They would forget their ability to coordinate their actions as loving, caring, compassionate, empathetic, creative, cooperative, and collaborative creatures, who are themselves evidence of the ability of microorganisms to coordinate their actions as a holobiont, an organism of organisms.


      organizn of organisms

    7. humans could be convinced to be domiciled in separated architectural units, their solidarity could be atomized.

      domiciled aotmised

    8. all they had recorded was the documentary evidence of the most successful strategy for human domestication and domination: divide and conquer.

      human domestication

    9. The Messengers They had the feeling of being alone in the universe, searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. What they could not see was that sentience was all around them.

    1. Supporting mutual learning across “positive blockchain” initiatives

      supporting mutual learning on web3 across web3 ecosystems

  5. bafybeidcfoiwpucpekcsv2qodgk7yvdorzac7nnk7fhgwvlggy7bsqhoa4.ipfs.dweb.link bafybeidcfoiwpucpekcsv2qodgk7yvdorzac7nnk7fhgwvlggy7bsqhoa4.ipfs.dweb.link
    1. change movements for civilizational renewal, then consider joining the Enlivening Value Flowshackathon during the Hacky New Year event

      social change movement

      Hacky New Year

    2. If you’re an individual or software developer wanting to make a contribution to help DAOs becomemore human-centric, valuing people’s intrinsic motivations, or even to grow the impact of socia


    1. Each workspace has its own suite of testing tools, which you can learn more about in the relevant packages/* directory. Check out highlights in each readme using the links below, then dig into the relevant package.json file for a full list of available scripts.
      • about web3.storage
    2. ⁂web3.storage The simple file storage service for IPFS & Filecoin.


    1. How to Create a React app from scratch using Webpack 4
      • from : main.bundle.js:2 Uncaught ReferenceError: process is not defined at Object.8490 (main.bundle.js:2:72170) at webpack_require (main.bundle.js:2:126701) at main.bundle.js:2:197661 at main.bundle.js:2:214207 at main.bundle.js:2:214211 8490 @ main.bundle.js:2 webpack_require @ main.bundle.js:2 (anonymous) @ main.bundle.js:2 (anonymous) @ main.bundle.js:2 (anonymous) @ main.bundle.js:2 localhost/:1 [DOM] Input elements should have auto

      • for : web3.storage example client

    1. This answer is not useful Show activity on this post. I found the root cause of this issue. it is because i copied the webpack.config.js file from internet instead of generating it from the webpack-create-config module. which in turn did not create bundle.js file with the required dependencies. I followed this tutorial to install and configure webpack and run my react application.


    2. bundle.js:2 Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined at bundle.js:2

      web2.storage cliend example webpack

    1. The examples are stored in the packages/client/examples directory and include code for Node.js and several browser toolchains. Each example directory has a README.md explaining how to install dependencies and run the code.

      run client examples

    1. NODE_OPTIONS=--openssl-legacy-provider yarn dev


    2. The reason is here: https://medium.com/the-node-js-collection/node-js-17-is-here-8dba1e14e382 node no longer supports md4 as hash function. sha1 might be a good choice for hashing with bundles. 👍 👎 😄 🎉 😕 ❤️ 🚀 👀 Sorry, something went wrong.

      node 17

    1. web3.storage in the browser A demo using the web3.storage client in the browser to pre-calculate the CID for an asset then store it on web3.storage. Content addressing, IPFS, Filecoin, web3.storage... it's all pretty rad! Here is gateway URL for the Content ID of this example, (stored via web3.storage of course!) so you can check it out in your browser! https://dweb.link/ipfs/bafybeic5r5yxjh5xpmeczfp34ysrjcoa66pllnjgffahopzrl5yhex7d7i
    2. web3.storage in the browser
    1. This project uses node v16 and npm v7. It's a monorepo that use npm workspaces to handle resolving dependencies between the local packages/* folders.
    2. IndyVerse / web3.storage Public forked from web3-storage/web3.storage
    1. First you have to create blob from Javascript object and that blob object can be passed to File() constructor to create a File Object.Hope this helps.
      • web know how: convert string to file object
        var contents = fs.readFileSync('./dmv_file_reader.txt').toString()
        var blob = new Blob([contents], { type: 'text/plain' });
        var file = new File([blob], "foo.txt", {type: "text/plain"})
    1. God grant me the serenity to close all the tabs I'm never going to read The courage to read the open tabs that really ought to be read And the wisdom to know the difference
      • about : serentity prayer

      • for : interoperable


      I've been granted the serenity to close all the tabs, and have sure way of retrieving anything I know I should be reading because any page that is of importance I annotate and make sure I trailmark it with indication of the associative context where it matters, so I can search and retrieve many of them by just remebering words using auto associative recall by hypothesis and my own home brew tools https://hypothes.is/users/gyuri

    1. For this example we will send the file as a Buffer instance. The file index.js will look like this:


    1. Topic IFTF Metaverse Perspectives: Forecasts from the Proto-Metaverse with Bob Johansen Description We kick off the IFTF Metaverse Perspectives Series with a conversation with IFTF Distinguished Fellow, futurist and author, Bob Johansen. Bob has been forecasting what we are now referring to as the Metaverse since 1968, when IFTF was first founded to explore the future impacts of the newly invented Arpanet, the predecessor to the internet and now the metaverse. Bob will share some of the forecasts from the 50+ years IFTF has been asking, how will these emerging technologies and we will discuss what we got right, what we missed, and what we should be thinking about as we step into this new immersive, nested and interconnected computing paradigm.

      IFTF metaverse

    1. use rocks to crack shells on the beaches which they had access they drove their local shellfish species virtually to extinction

      shellfish stone monkey extinction

    2. our socially constructive realities as if they were real and in fact they may have almost nothing to do with the world in which we find ourselves and they are constructs that we've made up

      it's ain't so

    3. this is a cultural process the predisposition the the idiosyncrasy as 00:09:01 it were to make up future as we go along is a uniquely human characteristic okay there are two critical corollaries to this that most people of course are unconscious of but are extremely 00:09:14 important to our discussions the first is that the conceptual lenses through which we perceive reality determines the nature of reality that we perceive

      conceptual lenses determine reality

    4. it's a made-up vision of the nature of reality we don't actually construct reality of course we construct conceptual lenses uh containers through 00:08:24 which we perceive reality we call these by different names every political ideology every religious doctrine every economic paradigm even scientific models and cultural 00:08:35 narratives are made up stories that are burst first in language words are very important as has been emphasized and then massaged into a common accepted belief set uh by dialogue among the 00:08:48 people who would adhere to that particular particular ideology

      made -up realisty concepts

    5. using up all the readily accessible resources and using technology to get at more and more of these as we go along we're currently mining ores for example that were completely impossible to think 00:07:05 of mining only two decades ago

      using up all resources

    6. the information deficit mode

      information deficit

    7. Day 9 - William E. Rees: The Enigma of Climate Inaction – On the Human Nature of Policy Failure

    1. Publishing a package using publishConfig in the package.json file

      publishconfig in package.json

    2. Publishing a package using a local .npmrc file
      • about : github packages npm
    1. Gyuri Lajos 2 minutes ago (edited) • 53:12 not only to generate a better platform but to stabilize a better platform. We are going to have to. Platforms? Platforms, as in you go there to meet others? We can have commons based, peeor produced protocols, consgtellations and capabilities, not platforms that allow constellations to be created when capabilities and people come to gather, instead of having to flock somewhere so that tey can connect wit each others for the benefit of the platform first instead of the participants in the network. We need to figure out decent(ralized) ways of connecting with

      protocols and constellations not platforms

    2. Your Questions Answered - Bret and Heather 110th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream
    1. more compelling visions are still with us evolving in the margins: The Dynabook one, in the form of Pharo, GT, Cuis and several variants, and the Symbolic machines, in the form of Emacs, OrgMode and Lisp variants (Clojure, Racket and so on). Of course, today we live in a pretty diverse world without a single vision of computer (encouraged by Unix) with pretty strong frontiers and discontinuities between systems and those who can and can not modify them. That’s why systems like TW and Pharo/GT are so compelling (and bridging them so interesting), as they provide us an empowering unified toolkit for understanding, traversing and connecting the diversity.

      Dynabook Symbolics machine

      discontinuities between systems and those who cna modify them

    2. Welcome to the TiddlyWiki 5 Discourse discussion group for end users
    1. Just wow: TiddlyWikiPharo is @Tiddlywiki implemented in @pharoproject & #GToolKit. Shared on the Talk TW forum & created by @offrayLC https://talk.tiddlywiki.org/t/tiddlywikipharo-and-critical-code-data-literacy-curriculum/2033…