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    1. Finally, on the computer side, it functions as the indexing system of a virtual database and as a programming language for semantic networks.

      programming language for semantic networks

    2. An IEML text can be considered as a theory, an ontology, or a narrative that accounts for the dataset it is used to index.


    1. the implications for programming models raised by a world of large and potentially persistent distributed memories, including the need for explicit, context-free, invariant data references.

      explicit, context-free, invariant data references

      Instead of context-free consider context-indicated

      in the talk context goes with the data

    2. center the programming model around data as the primary citizen

      center around data as primary citizen

      data is people in disguise

      center around people as primary citizens of cyberspace let them own their data as immutable attributed records of their digital life that only they can share in theor own terms

    3. What's in a Name

    1. get away from flash-flood virality and towards long-term relationships.

      flash-flood virality long term relationships

    2. four horsemen of the textopia


    3. There’s also crypto over the horizon, but that’s going to take another 5-6 years I think to truly affect the media landscape.

      An early bird in this space:


    4. On the technological front, we have: React, Graph databases, next-generation languages like Clojure (the language Roam is written in), and a shifting perception of Javascript:

      React Graph Databases

    1. a future in which we create yet another data silo in an app like Muse is less interesting than one in which Muse natively integrates with users’ document storage systems of choice.

      integrate with user storage

    1. Can content modelling and data modelling be done in parallel?

      content data modelling parallel

    2. knowledge graph serve as a CMS (Content Management System) and for CRM (customer relationshipmanagement)

      KG CMS CRM

    3. building information architectures to allowmarketing communications to be pulled by the stakeholders

      marketing communications pulled

    4. , from manipulating the marketing mix to managing informationflows, ultimately to dialogic exchange, to building relationships of value at a lower cost

      dialogic exchange

    5. direction is needed from push to pul

      push to pull

    6. stakeholder" instead of a "user" or "consumer".


    7. an immersiveand interactive environment


    8. conversational platforms.


    9. potential impact of Social Semantic Web technologies

      social semantic

    10. personal relationships with millions

      personal millions

    1. better Internet experience. One that transforms “users” into edge clients, and enables them to take back control of their data, and their digital experiences.

      edge clients take back control of their data and their digital experiences

    1. Mission misalignment is that Conor signed a shareholder agreements in clear law that states Shareholder Value Maximization (I assume unless very special setup). I just want Conor to take tough choices now to become like OpenAI so we don’t become paper-clip maximizer.

      roam paper-clip maximizer

    1. Because, when they conclude the right hand side, (∀x)P(x), they areprobably thinking in a closed infinite, as they are cantorian


    2. according to Gauss, this is the only allowable infinite,because he didn’t thought that the infinite could be closed

      the infinite could not be closed

    3. The dilemma of either stop using the mathematical inductionrule or stopaccepting G ̈odel’s theorem is established. It is suggestedto use a very nat-ural rule within the formal systems, which is the rule of induction, to avoidthe effect of G ̈odel’s theorems.

      Stop accepting Goedel. it is important to emphasize that the only contexts where finite completeness and consistency can prevail is computational systems formal as in Prolog in a strictly finite setting and within a closed world.

    1. coherence and context as a service

      as an unenclosable, People First, offline first, scalable interopeable, emergent capability

  2. Jul 2020
    1. Associative Writing Framework, building on open hypertext, Semantic Web, hypertext writing, and hypertext annotation work to provide a novel interface for supporting browsing, reading, annotation, linking, and integrated writing.

      Associative Writing Framework

    2. word-processor based Web writing tools

      inadequecies of word-processor based web writing tools

    3. Web link integrity

      link integrity

    4. the limitations of the Web hypertext model

      Web hypertext limitations

    5. legal issues over deep linking to copyrighted material

      deeplinking copyright

    6. the lost in hyperspace problem

      lost in hyperspace

    7. Associative Writing

    8. integrated docuverse

      integrated docuverse of Hypermedia

    1. DynaDoc is an automated documentation system for on-demand context-specific documentation.

      on demand context specific documentation

    1. An associative trail as conceived by Bush would be a way to create a new linear sequence of microfilm frames across any arbitrary sequence of microfilm frames by creating a chained sequence of links in the way just described, along with personal comments and side trails.

      associative trails side trails associative complexes and hypermaps

    1. OKFN's Textus/OpenPhilosophy project


    2. the whole logic of choice ("what to read") is also considered and made a part of the system,

      logic of choice

    3. Remix, co&juxta-positioning of versions,

      remix versions

    4. "every read is an interpretation is a theoretical addition"

      read is an interpretation a theoretical addition

    5. latently reference any piece of any written text

      latently reference

    1. We have seen lone individuals create new tools—better tools—than even the greatest states can produce

      lone individual tools

    2. You have heard that when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Herein lies the folly of every system of rule whose future relies more heavily on the omnipotence of its methods than the popularity of its mandate. There were times when empires were won by bronze and boats and powder. None survive. What outlasts each forgotten flag is our greatest technology, language: the empire of the mind.

      empire of the mind

    1. blog.andreaskoller.com/2014/02/data-is-people-in-disguise/Jaron Lanier suggests that „data concerning people is best thought of as people in disguise", and that we should refrain from thinking of data as just a new resource that we can exploit at free will. „Our core illusion is that we imagine big data as a substance, like a natural resource waiting to be mined."

      data concerning people people in disguise core illusion big data is a resource to be mined

  3. hitchhikers.fandom.com hitchhikers.fandom.com
    1. Frood is a common slang word that means someone who is very together, often paired with the term 'hoopy' as in: "a hoopy frood". Ford Prefect was described as such, and Zaphod Beeblebrox used the term frood to describe himself on at least one occasion.

      someone who is very together

  4. hitchhikers.fandom.com hitchhikers.fandom.com
    1. There's a frood who really knows where his towel is."

      meme - Frood, Towell

    1. individuals are aggregates that preserve a measure of temporal integrity, i.e., “propagate” information from their past into their futures. We formalize this idea using information theory and graphical models.

      temporal integrity

    1. A fighting stance was with the left leg forward. When pressing the attack, the left foot leads. This style of warfare persisted for nearly 1000 years. So, much like much of military customs, something that was once practical became ceremonial.

      left foot leads the attack

    1. the future possibilities of computers for “extending man's intellect,

      using the computer as a self-organizing retrieval system based on a network model for structuring the conceptual kernels of all information to extend man's intellect

    2. a network model for structuring the conceptual kernels of information to facilitate a sort of self-organizing retrieval system

      Good network model structuring conceptual kernels of information self-organizing retrieval system

    3. slanted more toward larger bodies of humans interacting with computers, in less of an intimate personal sense than the above papers or than our initial goal.

      less of an intimate sense

    4. Ulam has specifically recommended close man-computer interaction in a chapter entitled, “synergesis,” where he points out in considerable detail the types of mathematical work which could be aided.

      Ulam synergesys

    5. Bush is the earliest and one of the most directly stimulating.


    6. Licklider provided the most general clear case for the modern computer, and coined the expression, “man-computer symbiosis” to refer to the close interaction relationship between the man and computer in mutually beneficial cooperation


    7. bear most directly upon the possibilities of using a computer in real-time working association with a human to improve his working effectiveness

      computer improve human effectiveness

    1. reflection on ‘research about design creativity’ and object of research—‘design creativity


      • about
      • object
    2. new method of meta-reflection

      new under the sun?

    3. knowledge creation process (KCP


    1. Scotus, who effectively dismantles the Thomistic way of linking being and

      linking being intelligibility

    2. aims to untangle the “terminologi-cal knot in Western ontology”

      untangle ontological knot

    3. a recovery of ontological thinking.

      ontological thingking

    4. considers the “technological grid” (2) through which modernity’s prob-lems and solutions are conceived;

      technological grid problems solutions conceived

    1. business process re-engineering (BPR) required to engage different stakeholders in the vision and technology.


    2. the message and user journey remains as powerful as the technology engine behind the scenes.

      message user journey

    3. patterns that occur as a technology transitions from concept to development and are able to nurture the birthing process by describing and translating the vision to different stakeholders.

      transition concept

    4. creative vision as it is translated into an executable reality

      creative vision executable reality




      personal planetary transformation

    3. ‘Creatorhood’


    4. From Competition to Synergy

      comptetition to synergy

    5. ‘Unified Fractal Organism’ (UFO) and Holoverse.

      UFO Holoverse

    1. thoughtware


    2. emergent paradigm of co-creation, locality, transparency, sustainability and collaboration.


    1. POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere, a content publishing model that starts with posting content on your own domain first, then syndicating out copies to 3rd party services with permashortlinks back to the original on your site.


    1. ALWAYS write down the 12–24 words given to you in cryptocurrency ON PAPER. DO NOT store them digitally. Anything digital can be hacked, and your money stolen. It is very easy to steal photos from phones or apps. Refer to this post of mine for further information on securing access to your funds.

      on paper

    1. We approve only authors that we believe will create share-worthy posts that will bring true value to our readers.

      share-worthy posts

    2. we DON'T have our own Token

      token agnostic

    3. a "crypto powered blogging platform"

      crypto powered

    1. ActivityPub-powered software


    2. plain, auto-saving editor

      plain auto-saving editor

    3. building a writing space on the web — whether a publication, internal blog, or writing community in the fediverse.

      writing space fediverse

    1. The Convergence Stack Posted by Lawrence Lundy - March 2019

      It is not just BlockChain but the possibility to "build a better Internet" by bootstrapping an emergent People First, Web Native Kernel for Unenclosed, Verifiable Trust and Interoperability networks that connect and enrich People's digital lives

    1. We sadly don’t yet have the data-sharing functionality inside TallyLab that will both democratize data collection and restructure data collaboration to protect individuals.

      data-sharing democratize restructure collaboration

    2. scrambling to accelerate our timeline.

      scrambling to accelerate timeline

    3. the reality is that the future arrives unevenly

      future arrives unevenly

    4. re-entrenching key components of our current vulnerability – e.g. centralization of data sources and stores – because we don’t yet have new structures in place.

      re-entrenching vulnerability centralization

    1. "It would be an interesting result to establish that incompleteness is actually unimportant for the practice of mathematics ..."

      Judging by its fruit the incompleteness theorem is a "complete falsehood."

      It blocks the realization that we can establish completeness and consistency only in a closed world of formal symbolic systems where we restrict the discourse to strictly finite sentences.

      Consider the success of finite model checking that can establish with absolute certainty correctness of chip design, a critical semantic property, that the accepted theory of would be deem a semantic property that cannot be. Here we run into physical limits, but not alleged theoretical.

      These theoretical limitations appear because we have wrong theories and concepts.

      It goes back to the use of Cantor's diagonal argument that brings in completed infinities into a strictly finite domain. Strictly finite subsets of all finite set's are trivially enumerable! All this blocks us asking the right questions to develop viable conceptual frameworks.

      I am glad to see that others trying to find a way around it,

      Work in the foundations of mathematics remain dead until we are ready to ditch the wrong concepts.

    1. "flipping around of causality"

      flipping around causality

    2. Hofstadter argues that the psychological self arises out of a similar kind of paradox

      self similar paradox

    3. complexity of active symbols in the brain inevitably leads to the same kind of self-reference which Gödel proved was inherent in any complex logical or arithmetical system

      active symbols inevitable self-reference

    1. Beauty, one hears ad nauseum, is in “the eye of the beholder.”

      beauty beholder

    1. Conference Navigator is a user-adaptive system and offers personalized paper/people exploration and recommendation.

      user-adaptive system

    1. The second condition, that an adequate theory of computa- tion provide a tenable foundation for a theory of mind

      There is a Theory of Symbolic Unity of the Mind as Significance lurking here

      That theory is what's been rejected above without that we have no theory of mind whatsoever worthy of the name

      So the traffiic of ideas is computation in the wild and insights make sense of it in terms of understanding its true essence grounding a new theory of mind

    2. I reject all proposals that assume that computation can be defined.

      I think it can be

    3. an adequate theory, by these lights, will have to treat of its materiality.

      right idea even if the reason given is wrong

    4. and therefore no theory of, the uses to which it can be put

      That is exactly the task here

    5. I take it as a tenet that what Silicon Valley man as computational, in practice, is computational, in fact;


      They have no clue about what they are doing in the main its a mix of cargo cult and pop culture design to win mindshare first to get market share never mind the value or how it destroys it.

    6. keep the analysis grounded in real-world examples

      analysis grounded

    7. develop an adequate and comprehensive theory of computa- tion

      theory of computation

    8. retrospective than a prospective quality-and anyway it is not a picture of a simple world, but a simple picture of a world of surpassing richness

      simplicity restrospective

    9. irrevocable com- mitment to pluralism is compatible with the recognition that not all stories are equally good

      pluralism not all good

    10. basic notions of worth and value, standards and sig- nificance, truth and even beauty.

      worth, value, standards, significance,truth and beauty

    11. a single notion taken to unify representation and ontology: that of a sub- ject's mgitration of the world

      subject's registration of the wolrd

    12. sheerly obstreperous


    13. a form of epistemic deference to the world that underlies realism, and a respect for the constitutive human involvement in the world that underwrites constructiv- ism.

      epistemic deference respect for constitutive human


    1. a new kind of theory of descriptions

      A Grand theory of the Mind called "Symbolic Unity" on a par with "Geometric Unity" Think<=>Thing

    2. The Computer in fact opens up new Multiverses

      The MetaVerse that https://crucible.network/about/ is building is one of them that people like

      https://twitter.com/magicindustries Toby Tremayne wanted to climb into the computer for since the age of 7, and now building it.

    1. Plectica

    2. Our name—Plectica—is a twist on "plectics" and derived from the Indo-European root *plek- (to fold) which gives us both the words "simple" (once folded) and "complex" (many times folded). Plectics is a broad transdisciplinary science which explores the hallmark of complex systems: simple rules underlie and unfold into the complexity you wrestle with everyday.


    1. aiding rediscovery, surfacing patterns in my work, and pointing me to projects inspired by the information that interests me most.

      aiding rediscovery, surfacing patterns

    2. even as my tools got smarter, I didn’t.

      tools getting smarter

    3. easy to summon up just the right resource at just the right moment.

      summon up

    4. A Solution: Thought Processors
    1. Maxwell equations of computing

      maxwell equation of computing

      The starting point for the theory of EveryThink

      Not Thing that would be Geometric Unity of Weinstein

    2. How is it possible that we carry so many half-truths and approximations concerning the origins of our field? Is it a failure of our educational institutions that teach STEM without giving the historical and philosophical perspective? Or maybe it's our fault, another aspect of our infamous tendency toward cargo culting? Alfred North Whitehead said that civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them. If he is right, then the cost of civilization is all the thinking being retired from it.

      thinking retired

    1. The theorem states that a partial computable function u of two variables exists such that, for every computable function f of one variable, an e exists such that f ( x ) ≃ u ( e , x ) {\displaystyle f(x)\simeq u(e,x)} for all x.

      universal function

    1. information is not known to be an inherent property of matter, energy, space or time

      But it is surely

    1. Thortspace

    2. Thortspace users around the world; we call this the "Global Mind Vision".

      Global Mind Vision

      looks like it is closed and proprietary if it is so, it is worst than point less

    1. Many API changes can be implemented such that clients won’t even notice. We call such changes backwards-compatible.

      backward compatible

    2. APIs to be stable in perpetuity.

      api stable perpetuity

    1. using a new more automated product that has put Palantir on the path toward profitability

      new automated product

    2. Its dependence on engineers customizing software for each client and bloated cost structure also resulted in consistent annual losses.

      dependence on engineers bloated cost structure

    3. In-Q-Tel, the venture arm of the CIA, is a Palantir investor.


    1. Wikidata as a knowledge graph for the life sciences.

      Wikidata as a knowledge graph for the life sciences.

    1. Wikidata as a FAIR knowledge graph for the life sciences

      Wikidata as a FAIR knowledge graph for the life sciences

    1. The compound complexity of the sheer amount of APIs makes system integration and interoperability increasingly difficult:

      on the margin, asymptotically, want to reduced incremental development costs to the number of elements in the domain and adding the number of aspects in the domain compare with the current cost where it is more like the product of the two which is proportional to a much greater number goal is achievable


    2. ragging themselves deeper into the technical debt.

      more like bankruptcy

    3. ORMs
    4. Data-Driven Software Architecture

      Agree with the motivation and the direction of travel.

      We need a radical break with existing architectures, frameworks, conceptualizations of what we have and what we do, but most importantly the how's and whys.

      "The world we have created today as a result of our thinking thus far has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them,"

      Einstein: need new thinking

      We wrote about it a year ago: Weaving a Decentrailized Semantic Web of Personal Knowledge

      made huge advances since. Need to start a conversation

    5. The problem with code

      No Code

      Software as intentional articulation

    6. The problem with APIs

      No APIs

    1. Failure begets knowledge.

      failure begets knowledge

      I wish it was true. 52 years ago people identified the problems in this report http://homepages.cs.ncl.ac.uk/brian.randell/NATO/nato1968.PDF

      What came out of it is the delusional claim that we are doing Software Architecture.

      Instead we ended up not with layered architectures and layered architect. You cannot build cathedrals from card board boxes. that makes things complicated 1000 fold more lines of code that would be needed.

    2. Itautec's GRIP OLTP monitor as a basic tool for integrating software components.

      OLTP to integrate software components

    3. hear no failures, see no failures, speak no failures

      three monkeys

    4. failures are covered up, ignored, and/or rationalised

      failures covered up

    1. Twitter handles appear after the @ sign in your profile URL and it must be unique to your account.

      unique, appear after the @ sign

    2. twitter handle

    3. http://twitter.com/handle


    1. cryptoeconomic incentives are established to coordinate consensus on the association between names and certificates

      cryptoeconomic incentives for consensus on the associations of names

    2. we should not ever need to rely on any single authority, especially one that acts as the gatekeeper to the highway of all human knowledge.

      gatekeepers to all of human knowledge

    1. https://twitter.com/TrailHub1/status/1283026415605223430

      "Programming" indeed is in a jeopardy. We are clueless about what was the question?

    2. have no idea

      If you go down the rabbit hole of how to convey ideas you will discover that We really do jnot know how to compute,

      and the very idea of "programming" is a fatal misunderstanding of what is/ought to happen


      Keep going, you'll get there

    3. Prepend every boolean variable or property with "is"

      this is the spirit of the


      invented also by Simonyi.

    4. naming things." While naming something isn't inherently difficult, giving a name that describes the lasting intent is.

      Yes. It is all in the name. True name is where the magic of software https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pT9tDmxjlg This the deepest, most consequentail talk ever delivered on Softwae and have garnered less then a thousand views in 3 years.

    1. attractive commercial returns and changing the world simultaneously is difficult.

      attractive commercial return changing the world

    2. The impact created by the social enterprise and its attribution to investors (based on ownership) may lead to a perverse incentive for late-stage investing, as an investment when the company has already scaled would be wrongly construed to have ‘more’ impact.

      late stage investing more impact?

    1. WebTorrent

    2. a browser-based WebTorrent client or "web peer" can only connect to other clients that support WebTorrent/WebRTC.

      web peer

    1. “digital media provides new ways of representing and transferring meaningful information” (Benedek, Goodman,&Lajos 2015, p.18)

      representing transferring meaningful information

    1. Memory Recategorisation

    2. Unlike computer-based memory, brain-based memory is inexact, but it is also capable of great degrees of generalisation.

      in-exact generalization

      more like associations emergent associative complexes changing in response to burst of attention and focus

    3. describe the ontogenesis of semiotic systems

      ontogenesis semiotic systems

    1. Meta-design empower users to extend existing shared meta-reflective system capabilities with personalized ways of creating new semantic structures, and the means to manage, present, exploit, and share them, creating a foundation on which the next round of development can build.

      meta-design extend meta-reflective capabilities personalized

    2. End user Development and Meta-design as key conceptual ingredients within a Semantic Wiki like organization of content and meta all levels


    1. Collapses white space as for normal, but suppresses line breaks (text wrapping) within the source.

      suppress line breaks

    2. The white-space CSS property sets how white space inside an element is handled.

      CSS property controlling how white space in an element is handled

    1. “BEyond Near Term Orientation”


    1. Our aim here is to find the trail, establish our footing, and begin the climb.”

      That is the insight underpinning TrailMarks Augment the individual's ability to "circle through some of the same issues over and over, each time at a different level." Being there in busts, always. Trust the Youniverse that eventually everything connects and after all our explorations, we arrive where we started, and see it for the first time,

    1. no ‘standard’ or ‘almost-universally-accepted’ architectural approach.

      no universally accepted architectural approach

    2. Flutter does its own UI drawing

      own UI drawing

    3. ‘unidirectional data flow’ architecture, or reactive programming

      uni directional data flow

    1. Flutter hybrid model

    2. Many of the difficulties we encountered were due to the hybrid model approach we took. However, our scale allowed us to take on and solve some difficult problems that smaller companies may not have had time to solve. Making React Native work seamlessly with native is possible but challenging.

      hybrid model react native challenging

    1. free for educators to use.

      free for educators

    2. argument mapping and debate site, specifically designed for classroom use.

      argument mapping classroom

    1. Currently Everforo does not provide you a way to “approve” membership. However it is one of our top priorities to allow you to ask a few questions and to manually approve them manually.


    1. "The world we have created today as a result of our thinking thus far has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them,"

      thinking problem created

    1. capturing lectures to flip the classroom and make more time for interaction

      flip the classroom

    1. blaze : 2020 07 07 | Boris Mann

    2. have more agency around identities, user data, and hosting of applications.

      more agency

    1. accommodate both the quantitative data of physical science and the qualitative reality of consciousness.

      qualitative reality of consciousness

    2. post-Galilean paradigm.


    1. This ardor for whiteness was so intense that the evidence didn’t stand a chance. Scholars who continued to discuss polychromy were often dismissed.
    2. the accidental destruction of the ancient coloring” had been “exalted into a special merit, and ridiculously associated with the ideal qualities of the highest art”—from “lofty serenity” to “unsullied purity.”

      Deep Pervasive Lie at the Core of Western Civilization I our most cherished self image of ourselves as human beings is based on a misconception, turned into a white lie, that turns into willful denial, what chance do we have?

    3. The idealization of white marble is an aesthetic born of a mistake.

      White Lie Marble

    1. avoid the whole central-source-of-trust-by-a-company thing

      avoid central-source-of-trust-by-a-company

      all our github npm eggs are in Microsoft's basket

    2. deno run


    3. deno bundle myLib.ts myLib.bundle.js

      deno bundle

    4. use the native OS webview to run as many webviews as we want.


    1. The main advantage of WASM+WASI over native DLLs is that they are OS and CPU independent. You don't need a DLL built for each possible OS+CPU combination, instead just compile once to a WASM module.

      Eat your heart out Java Compile once run anywhere

    2. Essentially, yes. WebAssembly code runs at near-native speed yet is unable to crash the host process / clobber its memory etc, so this is a viable alternative to FFI for most use cases.

      alternative to FFI

    1. AI will develop world-changing reckoning systems, I argue, but nothing in AI as currently conceived approaches what is required to build a system capable of judgement.

      Yet we will be judged and ruled by it instigated by the delusional elite that thinks it can be in control through it.

      Not a recipe to Live Longer and Prosper by