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    1. This is a short history of humankind - not the story of UnTied.

    1. The Final Pitch - The Agora, Bogota - October 10, 2018
    1. Girls and Women Talking Tech Interview 32 - Mei Lin Fung and Noha Abdel Baky

      The internet will go through what CRM did go through

    1. Jimi Hendrix - Angel

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      • about : Web Native Apps Lenses Emergent Schemas
    1. multiple schemas so that one can easily create different versions, representing different views over the knowledge graph, and use them to generate specific GraphQL end-points.

      multiple schemas views over KG generate GraphQL end-points

    2. Ontotext Platform Workbench


    3. Ontotext Platform 3.3 Streamlines the Building of Knowledge Graph Lenses and GraphQL Interfaces

    1. enabled by a fairly complex, decentralized tech stack

      decentralized tech stack

    2. enable app creation as a digital small business

      app creation small business

    1. Imagine if each argument only had to be made once, for everyone.

      That cannot be achieved. It is more important to consider that we can resume on going debates, keep track of alternatives and evolve it as shifts in other related questions impact or be impacted due to work on specific questions

    1. Instead, you can supply only what you see has not been added yet, letting you contribute often and on many topics.

      contribute often on many topics

    1. The Stoa

    2. The Bridge: Deep-Dives. Session 2. Embodied Practice: Bridging Mind and World W/ Evan McMullen

      Evan McMullen

    1. One of the recent ways we've come to describe the mission of the Urbit project is to give communities the power to shape, or evolve, their digital environments.

      power to shape evolve out digital environment

    2. Ivan Illich, Tools for Conviviality
    3. Tools of Our Own

    1. Urbit is a clean-slate OS and network for the 21st century. Urbit OS is a reimagining of the operating system as an ‘overlay OS.’

      overlay OS



    1. A network reset occurs when we need to change the Ames networking protocol number in order to reset the network’s state. When we change the protocol number, it will essentially create a new network. This change in continuity is why we refer to it as a "reset". In the past, this has required users to take some action in order to get on the new network, but this time we've provided tooling to make it seamless.

      network reset

    1. Start erasing the line between operators, customers, and community members and squint; you begin make out the shape of a group of people who can build for themselves and determine their own path of development.

      erasing the line between operators, curstomers, and community member squint group of people build for themselves determine their own developemt

    2. The deep integration between Replit’s social space and its programmer tooling enable efficient knowledge workflows and sharing of user-generated content.

      replit social space programmer tooling efficient knowledge workflows

    3. Though some have described Are.na as “nerdy Pinterest,” it is this same niche focus

      nerdy Pinterest

    1. ECSY Architecture
    2. Entity Component System (ECS) engine for web applications

      Entity Component System

    1. Shaping Linked Data apps Decentralized apps will need a lot of flexibility, which they will gain through data shapes.

    1. withpara-metric higher-order abstract syntax.

      why can't just have higher order abstract syntax graphs turtles all the way up.

      Instead of re-presentations co-evolving canonical presentations of abstract intent graphs that are flexible reusable, re-purposable, coevaolvable opening up the prospect of emergent bootstrapping through co-evolving metadesigns

      software as a conversation

      essential step to get your syntax right so that eventuallysemantics/intents can take care of themselves

    2. Thepurpose of this representation is to deal with the important prob-lem of defining operations that requireobservingorpreservingsharing and recursion in EDSLs in an expressive, yet easy-to-useway.

      observing sharing preserving recursion

    3. The ability to modularize DSLconstructs is important to provide flexibility and reuse.

      flexibility and reuse

    4. Abstract Syntax Graphs for Domain Specific Languages


    1. Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira
      • seek : "Abstract Syntax Graph"
    1. 2:00 useful vs intrinsically attractive journey from means to end promise of old age pension at 70 years of hardship scientific discovery desiring the end purpose of the work and the worker growtg of hqndy crafdt pride earn wages no common purpose mechanization no unity no solidarity of the wage earner has no relation to the product think only of provide advertisement then quality of workmanship

      currency abstraction

      things not made to be exchanged

      temples not capable to e exchange money economy replaced

      what is important is profit

      loss of intrinsic excellence

      remoteness of the gain divorce between the management and the worker

    2. The Reith LecturesBertrand Russell: Authority and the Individual: 1948Bertrand Russell: Authority and the Individual: 1948The Conflict of Technique and Human Nature

      The conflict of technique and human nature

    1. of all precepts in the Gospels the one the Christians have most neglected is the commandment to take no thought for the morrow

      neglected commandment no thought for the morrow

    2. owing to science we are able to disseminate information and misinformation through the press and the radio there practically everybody going to science we can make it enormously 00:14:02 more difficult than it used to be for people to escape from a government which dislikes them

      disseminate misinformation no escape

    3. the scientists are recognized by all civilized governments is the most useful citizens provided they can be tamed and induced to place their services at the disposal 00:13:13 of a single government rather mankind both for good and evil

      scientists useful tamed single government not mankind

    4. merely had their books burned

      books burned

    1. Tag: marginalia
      • for : TrailHub4Hypothesis
    2. Tag: marginalia An Outline for Using Hypothesis for Owning your Annotations and Highlights

    1. Share safely, take your data with you, and build trusted relationships without big corporations watching in. Decentralisation supports localisation, while protocols enable interoperability.

      do social media differently

    1. Regenerative Renaissance is characterised by an awakening to the interdependence and beauty of the natural world, and the role of humanity as its stewards.

      interdependence humanity as stewards

    2. Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance

      regenerative Renaissance

    1. belief-tree sharing and comparison.

      belief-tree sharing comparison

    2. Breaking down lines of reasoning into single-sentence "nodes".

      single sentence nodes

    1. Timothy High
    2. It's time to stretch and expand our ideas about what the Internet can be so we can create the world we want to live in.

      ideas for what the internet can be with Tech we Trust for a World we want https://twitter.com/tech_we_trust

    3. You will connect a blockchain or an existing application to the Overweb

      connect blockchain app overweb

    4. the web will one way or another become hyper-dimensional.

      hyperdimensional web

    5. We are building browser extensions and network protocols to access the Overweb, a trust layer over the webpage that provides deep layers of context for any idea on the web enabling you to discern what you can believe on the web.

      browser extension protocols trust layer over the web deep layers of context for any idea discern what u can believe

    6. treating people and information as commodities. 

      "Data is people in disguise" and treated as commodities

    7. deeply connected Internet that layers knowledge on top of web pages

      layer knowledge over the web

  2. www.umiscore.com www.umiscore.com
    1. We Fix The Problem Behind The Problem Tools and Resources That Help People Transition From Feeling Helpless To Feeling Empowered


    2. Learned Helplessness (LH).

      learned helplessness

    3. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

      liberty pursuit of happiness

    4. “In the final analysis, poverty is a condition of helplessness - of inability to cope with the conditions of existence in our complex society”

      poverty condition of helplessness inability to cope condition of existence complex society

    1. The Bridge: Deep-Dives W/ Evan McMullen.

      Evan McMullen

    2. The Glass Bead Game w/ The Metabeaders.




    1. Combine Safe Digital Space, On-Page Presence, and On-Page Interaction to create new sensemaking possibilities.

    1. Can thinking be reduced to a search box with no memory or context?

      search box with no memory of you own

      What you need is a search box with memory and automatic ways to save and make sense of emergent contexts for all content in contexts you create, consume, annotate, share and have conversations that are continuous without being synchronous and private

    2. foster autonomy, encourage inquisitiveness, strengthen personal agency, and drive critical inquiry.

      foster autonomy

    3. Autonomy: navigate with intent, hone your thinking and connect the dots.

      autonomy navigate with intent

    4. Proportionate: increase efficiency within the bounds of human aptitudes and pace.

      proportionate bounds of human aptitude

    5. Forthright: under your control and easy to master.


    6. exploring and thinking are one and the same.

      endless frontier

      mark the trails you blaze across the web with @RrailMarks

    7. experience the web in a new way. The bright web.

      the bright web

    8. dots
    9. Ivan Illich’s Tools for conviviality principles,

      tools for conviviality

    10. . It’s about being human.

      being human

    11. To hell with productivity tools!


    12. creates two mental spaces when you only have one mind.

      one mind

    13. need to reconnect with the pleasure we derive from making sense of things and with the ability to think, grow and build upon what we learned in autonomy.

      reconnect learned in autonomy

    14. Bright Paper
    1. Individuals need tools to move and to dwell.

      tools to dwell

    2. As the power of machines increases, the role of persons more and more decreases to that of mere consumers.

      machines consumers

    3. People need new tools to work with rather than tools that "work" for them.

      work with work for

    4. Tools for Conviviality Ivan Illich
    1. Beam (app)A new way to collect your thoughts and experience the Internet

    1. We’re an open platform where 170 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking.

    1. search which you mentioned earlier we're in search bubbles where they're giving us things that they think is going to be best for us but we can't tell what they 01:05:04 sifted out and aren't showing us so you

      search bubbles

      problem is that we do not value/save/curate our searches that are indeces to our interests

    2. all the information is in silos meaning that you have you have situations where people don't want to use outbound links because they want to keep you in 01:04:39 on their pages

      silos no outbound links

    3. so many problems that are really at the scale of civilization that we need to be able to deal with them on a collective basis on 01:04:15 a civilization basis and if we're not able to have these conversations we're not able to have even a shared context

      not even shared context

    4. a self-directed lesson where you watch a movie and you answer questions and write an 00:34:19 essay

      self-directed lesson

    5. marketplace of learning experiences that the learner can get support from a personal ai to help them

      marketplace of learning experiences with personal AI?

    6. online school platform

      protocols not platforms needed

    7. this facilitates so many of these core wants and needs

      facilitate core wants needs

    8. initiate a communication request to them and you know would you like to have a chat would you like to have a video 00:32:12 conversation so it's a way of meeting people on web pages

      initiate communication

      way of meeting people on web pages

    9. meet people 00:30:58 on web pages

      meet people on web page via as with hypothes.is annotations

    10. on-page presence and on-page interactions

      on-page presence & interactions

    11. called 1729 it's after like the ramuna john one of his numbers the the indian mathematician so i just


    12. actually have a rehabilitation feature
    13. people to have multiple 00:20:32 personas

      multiple personas

    14. biometric
    15. phone numbe
    16. onboarding process is not designed 00:19:30 to get as many people on the system the absolute quickest possible manner with the least amount of information given we're going to have an onboarding process that gets sufficient information 00:19:43 so we can know that there's actually a real person on the other end

      onboarding process real person at the other end

    17. 6 billion that that's mind-blowing to me because that's twice as many fake accounts

      6 billion fake accounts on facebook

    18. good standing with the system

      good standing with the system

    19. three main patterns

      three pillars

    20. one safe digital space and that is knowing that anyone that you interact with on the 00:17:48 over web is a person in good standing
      1. safe digital space interact with persons of good standing
    21. could be considered a trust later it also could be considered an annotation layer so annotation is like writing in the margins of a book that's annotation that was always thought to be something 00:17:23 that would be on the web as well the amplification is partial to the definition of the web so what is over web is basically a trust layer on top of the web that enables 00:17:35 annotations

      trust layer anchored in annotations

    22. people need people sessions

      nora bateson

    23. privacy security uh exploitation of our data uh false claims false news i mean it can 00:16:34 go on

      privacy security exploitation

    24. you can't solve a problem from the level of consciousness 00:15:54 that created it

      can't solve a problem with the level of consciousness that created it

    25. overweb was that and uh like it's described as uh the trust layer over the current web and it allows you to build bridges between ideas and one of the real sexy things it is 00:15:17 trying to increase our capacity for collective sense making it allows the internet to work more like the human brain you know rather than however it's working right now

      overweb trust layer over the current web build bridges between ideas increase capacity for collective sense making

      work more like the human brain via associations

    26. ground zero of like a liberal america

      ground zero liberal america

    27. berkeley was just like this melting pot of ideas

      melting plot of ideas

    28. game b rivalrous civilization of self-terminating sense-making

      game b self-terminating, sense making

    29. we needed to figure out ways where we could have conversations at scale

      conversations that scale and are contiguous with the augmented knowledge works of individual human beings

    30. warm data
    31. explore the trans contextual nature of our lives and our being

      trans contextual nature being

    32. most brilliant minds in the metasphere


    33. episode number nine of noetic nomads and to the age of aquarius i'm filming this right after december 21st 2020

      noetic nomads

    1. Svidget.js is a JavaScript framework for creating immersive and fully interactive SVG widgets. By componentizing your data visualizations as widgets, you can quickly and easily embed them on any website while keeping a clean separation between SVG and HTML.



    1. share cards with other users.

      share cards with other users

      better still engage in conversations around shared hypermaps of interests

    2. Leca invested in Roam Research and likes it a lot. But he doesn’t think it solves that amnesia affect when you browse the web.

      does not solve the amnesia effect

    3. for people who don’t take notes,”

      for people who do not take notes

    4. get to reflect on your web activity.

      reflect on activity

    5. When you close the tab, you have a new card — your search query is the title of the card and you can see all links under that note. You can then add text, remove links that weren’t that relevant, etc.

      new card with search terms and history

    6. bring meaning to your web history.

      bring meaning to web history

    7. a web browser and a note app.

      web browser and a note app

    8. Browsing the web has become an effortless — and often mindless — task.

      mindless task

    9. nobody would say that Google Chrome is a web explorer.

      not web explorer

    1. 3Box storage API saves data to an OrbitDB key-value datastore that is controlled by the user, so the user can consent to their data being shared with other apps and services.

    2. Profiles API makes it easy to add social user profiles and basic reputation to your Ethereum application.

    1. creating single or multi-user content streams and sharing data between users.

      multi-user content streams

    1. thinking being in a continuous feedback loop (e.g., constructivism), and second, that knowledge changes (e.g., evolutionary epistemology)

      feedback loop evolutionary epistemology

    1. I’m a fan of thinking systems, from I Ching to Leibniz’s characteristica universalis to Peirce and Sowa’s graphs to DeBono’s po and lateral thinking to William S. Burroughs’ “Destroy all dogmatic verbal systems.”

    1. schema management: developers should be able to define them (but also share and re-use), they should be applied as “views”, and lots of interest in

      schema management

    2. Web Native Database Community Kickoff

    1. since it is public, technically the actual files are available to everyone when they visit the website


    2. sharing the data schemas.


    1. host it yourself by downloading the pre-built packages from
    2. A music player that connects to your cloud & distributed storage

    1. Fission can make sure data is online as an integrated service, but users can indeed self host all their data or move providers extremely transparently.

      make data online

    1. an app in which your data stays with you you control where the data is stored no spam, no captcha, no sign up, no passwords, bring your own identity using open protocols for flexibility and interoperability do what you want with your data at any time your data is accessible forever even if the app stops working
    2. HyperDraft is a note taking app with lots of interesting features.


    3. Zero Data Apps, remoteStorage, and HyperDraft, an interview with Rosano

      @rosano zero data apps

    1. publication


    2. Key encapsulation mechanisms (KEMs) are an abstraction of the basic key exchange primitive, and were used to generate the shared secrets.

      key encapsulation mechanism

    3. ‘transitional security’,

      transitional security and modeling?

    4. try to replace signatures with key exchanges in some places to save space.

      replace signatures with key-exchanges

    5. KEMTLS: Post-quantum TLS without signatures

    1. Post-Quantum TLS Without Handshake SignaturesFull version, September 29, 2020
    1. A delegated credential is a short-lasting key that the certificate’s owner has delegated for use in TLS. Therefore, they can be used for post-quantum KEM keys.

      delegated short-lasting key

    2. bootstrapping device linking over pubsub.

      device linking over pubsub UCAN

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