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  1. Dec 2019
    1. Python PayloadSignature-based antiviruses work by comparing the artifact binaries against a signature database. Our goal is to “disguise” our payload in a way they do not match any known signatures on any antivirus vendor database. A behavior-based antivirus will try to match known suspicious activities to the actions taken by a given artifact. Our malware will work as a mere client trying to start a TCP connection on port 443. It makes harder for behavior-based antiviruses to flag actions like this without issuing a lot of false positives for legit applications such as web browsers.For this example we are going to use a Python payload generated by MSFVenom to open a reverse TCP shell (meterpreter session) on port 443 to the attacker machine running Metasploit. An artifact like that is obviously malicious and should always be flagged by any antivirus agent.The approach described here is flexible enough so you can extend it by replacing our sample msfvenom payload with your own customized Python payload.
    1. ReconnaissanceFirst, we try to gather as much information as possible. Because our success depends on this information. Here we do search about the target, Find the social information, Find the technology used. We do it manually and automatically.Vulnerability AnalysisWhen we will have enough information, we start vulnerability analyzing. For example, In this step, we figure out what Ports are open, What operating system the target is using and the version of software used.Here we use some commercial, open-source tools and manually to find the exploitable vulnerability.ExploitationOur goal is not just to find a vulnerability. We have to get access to you and do the thing you wanted us to do. Successfully exploitation completely depends on the previous two-phase. It depends on how hard we worked there.For example, If we found an overflow type vulnerability, then here we write an exploit. In this step, we need more hard to exploit the vulnerability because most of the thing we need to do manually.Post Exploitation and Covering TracksThe job is not done yet. After successfully hacking(Exploiting) into the system. Our future access depends on this phase. Here the hacker will install an advanced backdoor. And clean all the logs very carefully.
    1. Perhaps you are looking to hire a hacker quickly and safely. You hiring a hacker, and want your job done as fast as possible with a 100% success rate.We again want to tell you, hacking can’t be done magically. No matter, how many and how professional hackers you hired. There is some hire a hacker available on the Internet claiming, they can recover any account within few hours. They don’t even require any additional information about their targets. We don’t know how serious they are.But hiring a hacker here and we are completely different. HackerForces is truly here to help you. To help you, we need as much information you have. For example, If you have an account to recover the password, and you want us to do that for you. We need all the information behind the account.You may have forgotten the password of your old account. Now you need to recover it. Of course, you did not forget everything, or can’t even guess anything? Such as guessing the past password, guessing/remembering your date of birth? This information will help us to recover the account.What if you can’t guess anything? Or you can’t provide any information except the target account ID? Well, there are still solutions we have for you. Purpose of this post giving you an idea that how the hack attempt will be made! You need to