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  1. Sep 2021
    1. In recent years, the most radical opposition to the status quo has coalesced around a controversial website called Sci-Hub – a sort of Napster for science that allows anyone to download scientific papers for free. Its creator, Alexandra Elbakyan, a Kazhakstani, is in hiding, facing charges of hacking and copyright infringement in the US. Elsevier recently obtained a $15m injunction (the maximum allowable amount) against her.
  2. Jun 2021
    1. The essence of systems thinking and practice is in ‘seeing’ the world in a particular way, because how you ‘see’ things affects the way you approach situations or undertake specific tasks. And how you ‘see’ things is influenced heavily by the culture of the society in which you live and work and by your education and training.

      The vedic term is that we all create our own Brahmand ourselves - how we see the world. On a smaller scale how we see the problem. Very often how we see or define the problem will not only impact how we find solutions but also the solution that we find..

    1. Writing well

      Queensland University of Technology - Guide on writing for students. Very useful it covers different types of writing, viz., reflective, annotated Bibliography etc,

    1. A discipline specific system or framework is needed, which explicitly articulates the skills students require, guides the processes of embedding such skills into the curriculum, and at the same time values and acknowledges other ways of creating and conveying knowledge.

      Without this the students will not be able to make proper and full use of this mode of education.

    1. It will do so by focusing on particular problems and challenges for which OER provides an especially promising solution—from the out-of-control rise in the cost of textbooks to the provision of educational materials in the developing world

      The grants disbursed in such a focused manner will help in implementing ORE solutions and benefiting large number of school and students. It will go a long way in promoting equity in educaiton.

    1. OER’s potential impact is greatest at the individual level – in the lives of faculty, teachers and students, especially those from underserved backgrounds or who have different learning needs and styles

      The individuals make up the group and once the take advantage of OER improve and whole group will be benefitted. I am certain that the teachers and trainers of the conventional system will also take advantage and enrich their teaching strategies, methods and and their own basket of tools and techniques and in turn facilitate learning of their students.

    1. You Passed! Now, let's get your official Certification!

      Passing Certificate for the Course.

    1. Any threat to self is minimised, any handy reward is tempting. This alone accounts for a great deal of our procrastination as we avoid tasks that threaten the self, and we discount future rewards in favour of immediate gratification. A little more focus on emotional intelligence can help here. Too often, feelings trump reasons, and we give into feeling good.

    1. Welcome to Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Python

      Good and useful course to understand what predictive analysis entail. Will pursue it.