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  1. Nov 2020
    1. There is still a chance for us to escape such an unreal existence, but it will require us to stop assuaging our pain and hiding our apathy with satirical memes. It will require a determined pursuit of moral wholeness and a holistic respect for humanity and all human life, including the babies.


    2. Swift’s essay said that babies should be taken from their mothers after one year, a year in which mothers could provide for them inexpensively since all they would need is milk. After that, they would be sent to the meat market. I could suggest now that the most humane thing we could do for unwanted babies is let them live a full year before we “abort” them. But where would be the irony in that? In a few months, that could very well become a legal reality, and I would hardly be called a prophet.


    3. What was ironic in 1729 is reality in 2019, and no one’s laughing

      I feel that we are ironic to our own existence. (Absurdism)

    4. (Which is why it makes sense that White would associate irony with Foucault’s historical epoch of postmodernism).

      My thesis