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  1. Jan 2022
    1. In some cases, the loss of self-awareness is so profound that subjects cannot even recognize themselves in the mirror.

      it's me :(

    2. a terrible tradeoff: in an effort to shut off terrifying sensations, they had also deadened their capacity to feel fully alive. 

      sang chấn là hành vi phản ứng của cơ thể để bảo vệ khỏi các cảm xúc tiêu cực, đánh đổi lại là tiêu diệt luôn cả những cảm xúc khác

    3. no activation of the “self-sensing” areas of the brain when compared to non-traumatized subjects:

      các vùng não bộ ghi nhận các cảm giác của bản thân ngừng hoạt động -> mất cảm giác về cơ thể

    4. Other common conditions which often have no clear physical cause

      đau cổ, dạ dày, trực tràng, hen suyễn, ruột kích thích

  2. Nov 2021
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      1 - BTC.D DD 2 - Dòng tiền 3 - Vốn hoá

    1. history presents a different challenge to Mr Xi. On the party’s left wing are neo-Maoists who have long agitated for a restoration of their hero, and have criticised Deng, whom they blame for such problems as corruption and inequality. On the right are those who worry (very privately) that China is sliding back towards a Mao-style dictatorship and losing its commitment to Deng’s reforms.

      challenges for Xi:

      • left wing: neo-Maoist: phục Mao, bài Đặng
      • right wing: pro-Đăng: lo lắng sẽ mất thành quả kinh tế
    2. Speeches by Mr Xi and the writings of official commentators offer clues. It is expected to celebrate the party’s achievements, minimise the horrors unleashed by Mao and suggest that Mao, Deng and Mr Xi have shared the same vision. The reigns of Mao and Deng will be presented as essential preliminary phases before the start of Mr Xi’s “new era”. Mao helped the Chinese people “stand up” after a century of humiliation by foreign powers. Deng set China on a path to “get rich” after centuries of poverty. Now Mr Xi is helping China to “get strong”. The resolution will hail Mr Xi’s judicious leadership in managing social, economic and national-security challenges, and suggest a continuing need for his wisdom.
      1. tổng kết thành tựu của Đảng
      2. Giai đoạn của Mao (đứng lên) và Đặng (làm giàu) là tiền đề cho Tập (làm mạnh)
      3. ca ngợi sự dẫn dắt của Tập trong việc điều hành xã hội, kinh tế và an ninh quốc gia, đề xuất tiếp tục dẫn dắt
    1. I prefer to define project completion by setting a timeframe rather than an arbitrary milestone

      đặt ra hạn mức hoàn thành có lẽ sẽ là tốt hơn milestone. cũng hợp lý

  3. Oct 2021
    1. Identify the thing that causes your fear and anxiety. Look for ways to make it bigger than it is. For example, if you have a fear of failing, then consider trying things that you don't know how to do. Set yourself up to do something where you might fail. Then start putting yourself in situations where you are going to fail. Continue to do this until the idea of failing no longer causes you extreme dread and fear.
      1. Xác định nỗi sợ.
      2. Làm nó còn to hơn cả thế.
      3. Đưa bản thân mình vào tình huống không thể trốn tránh nỗi sợ.
      4. Tiếp tục làm như vậy cho đến khi không còn sợ nữa.
    1. That’s a Big Mac of emotional layers going on.

      cảm nhận về cảm xúc của bản thân.

      VD: love/hate relationship

      • love someone
      • feeling in love
      • fearing the feeling of being in love
      • hành vi phá hoại bản thân khi cảm thấy sợ yêu
    2. 2. Vulnerability is being candid about who you are, not hiding yourself or trying to impress others, not covering up your flaws or weaknesses, admitting your mistakes, sharing yourself unabashedly.

      dễ tổn thương

      • thành thực với bản thân
      • không che giấu khuyết điểm hoặc cố làm hài lòng người khác
      • thừa nhận lỗi sai
      • chia sẻ về bản thân một cách thoải mái
    1. This was my first exposure to the "Systems Mindset." The idea that when faced with any kind of recurring task or process, there is usually some way to set up a system to handle it for you.

      automation is the key to productivity

    1. Since there is no central bank in DeFi, the lending rates respond more to market demand than in TradFi.

      Lí do interest rates ở DEFI cao hơn vì không có ngân hàng trung ương điều tiết ở giữa

    2. This is certainly the easiest kind of yield to understand. You deposit some DAI into Compound. They let someone else borrow that DAI at 5%. They pay you 4 of that 5% for providing the liquidity. Boom, interest!It's the same thing TradFi banks do when you deposit money into a savings account, there are just significantly fewer middlemen who need a paycheck along the way.

      Cho vay: y hệt như ngân hàng làm trung gian gửi tiết kiệm và cho vay, tuy nhiên là không có ngân hàng

    1. We showed that there is a correlation between how long a person stays up and how much he dreams the next night. Roughly speaking, for every ten extra minutes of activity each day, a man gets one extra minute of REM sleep. We also found that the more you dream, the shorter your reaction time during your next phase of wakefulness. After we made this discovery, the French army tried to find drugs that artificially increase the amount of time spent dreaming, with the hope of producing very long days of thirty or more hours for soldiers.

      Càng mơ nhiều thì càng có khả năng thức nhiều!

    2. Interestingly, during the subsequent experiments I did with other research subjects, all of the people in the caves showed cycles longer than twenty-four hours. In fact, it became common for them to achieve cycles lasting forty-eight hours: They would have thirty-six hours of continuous activity followed by twelve to fourteen hours of sleep. After we made that discovery, the French army gave me lots of funding. They wanted me to analyze how it would be possible for a soldier to double his wakeful activity.

      The sleep/wake cycle có thể kéo dài lên đến 48 tiếng

    3. I believe that when you are surrounded by night—the cave was completely dark, with just a light bulb—your memory does not capture the time. You forget. After one or two days, you don’t remember what you have done a day or two before.

      Trong bóng tối, trí nhớ không ghi nhận thời gian. Vì vậy, tác giả cảm nhận được thời gian thu gọn lại 1/2

    1. Reading makes us more empathetic, improves our attention span, enhances logical reasoning, and so on and so forth.

      Tác giả chỉ ra tác dụng của việc đọc: đồng cảm hơn, tăng khả năng tập trung, tăng khả năng tư duy, v..v..