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  1. Aug 2019
    1. License Compatibility. CC BY-SA 3.0

      This visualisation of all the licenses and how they may or may not be combined was really useful for helping me understand using works with different types of licenses. This is something that I've been asked about before and I think I'd be more confident asking similar questions in future!

    1. About the Licenses by Creative Commons. CC BY 4.0

      This is probably the page I use most often on the Creative Commons website, usually to double check what the licenses state when responding to queries from service users at work. An invaluable resource!

    1. More information about limitations and exceptions to copyright

      The UK government's pages on Exceptions to copyright are really good at explaining how copyright exceptions might apply in the UK (as you might expect!). A bit too specific for this section, perhaps, but useful for me in terms of thinking about what I might need to know to advise service users at work.

    1. Open Access and the Humanities) by Dr Martin Eve provides a really useful general introduction to open access, but then does a really good job of explaining the specific complexities for Humanities and Social Science scholars.