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  1. Jan 2017
    1. The very last person to see Hae at school that day, we think, is Inez Butler Hendrix.

      Throughout episode 2, I think that one of Koenig’s claim is that the last person to have seen Hae on January 13th was Inez Butler Hendrix. She states that Hae and Adnan had some classes together that day, and Aisha was in one of the classes with Hae and Adnan. Aisha says that she last saw Hae in Psychology. At the end of the school day, Debbie said she remember that Hae was going to her car to go pick up her cousin from school. Most importantly, Hae stops by the school’s concession stand every day to order Veryfine apple juice and Hot Fries. Koenig claims that the last person to have seen Hae that day would have been Inez, who ran the concession stand. I think that the evidence here is convincing, but I also think that there had to have been people around the school parking lot who saw Hae drive away in her car.