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  1. May 2020
    1. only aggregate emissions but not the distribution

      یعنی درسته که حداکثر انتشار رو تعیین کرده ولی داره به صنایع کثیف لطف می‌کنه.

  2. Jan 2020
    1. People hate asking sensitive questions. However, it turns out that people don’t hate being asked sensitive questions. So talking around difficult questions in research interviews is a waste of time and money
  3. Oct 2019
    1. They have made the mistake of believing that you can optimize life. That if they follow the instructions of some study they will find pure bliss. They will finally escape being human.
    2. You enjoy the climb instead of cursing it

      If you think it's okay to endeavor, it'll become much easier and more acceptable

    3. You overlook the fact you are capable of figuring things out on your own

      This is something we often forget in the age of Google!

  4. Sep 2019
    1. Only 1% of Americans rewrite their goals on a daily basis.Giving yourself even five minutes per day to orient your life in the direction of your goals is the difference between success and average.
    2. It’s easy to focus on the constraints of your circumstances rather than the power of your capabilities.
    1. Other consequences of present bias include procrastination or eating unhealthily, even though we promised ourselves we wouldn’t.