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  1. May 2014
    1. Lastly, propose what

      Font inconsistencies with the text above.

    2. Other than that, there are no absolute rules, only strong suggestions.

      This should be linked to from the Apply page: http://www.shuttleworthfoundation.org/fellowship/apply/new-application/

  2. Nov 2013
    1. Meeting Venue

      Internet access is not suitable for digital natives like us.

    2. skittles

      Are the rules similar to tenpin?

    3. OpenERP the story so far

      Depends on the quality of our connection to the server in South Africa...

    4. 15:00 - JH

      Happy to give my slotto any of the fellows that need time with AR.

    5. grab food beforehand

      Nandos Chickenland is on the way: