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    1. This is a photoessay, however, none of these visualizations are yours. Moreover, the sources you attribute in the text areas refer to coverage by other papers. It would be be better to examine the original datasets and provide your own data visualizations, and original reporting. For this assignment, consider carefully, what is your contribution as a journalist to this topic and what is the news story? Your lede indicates that this will address how, but it does not, nor does it contextualize who is your audience? For example, why does this matter for readers who may be situated in South Korea? Does this issue have the same bearing on the upcoming Senate issue in the US, or elections in other countries? What is the impact of this story?

    1. Imagine you were living a normal, usual days with your families at a peaceful coast line town.

      Who is your audience? How about contextualizing this for Korean audiences? South Korea is both a part of a peninsula and is comprised of islands. How many people live along the coastline? How many people around the world? ..

      Sugg: It would be great if you could create a new visualization from this same data to help clarify your news story.

      Case: https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2010/apr/01/information-is-beautiful-military-spending

    1. Last Saturday, as routine, my parents and I were taking out the trash. Going down on the elevator, each of us arduosly carried a stack of boxes that resembled a tower of Jenga blocks. While struggling and focusing on not letting the pile fall apart, my father said something that stayed with me and left me thinking.

      Examine the consistency in the use of first person voice as strategy, i.e. Are you attempting to expose your biases, clarify a misconception, or use it as a structuring device for asking questions along the way? You begin by using an anecdote to transition us to a question of "how much"...Can you use it as a transition in part II on "how effective," and so on.

      Case example: https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2010/apr/01/information-is-beautiful-military-spending

    2. South Korea's rapid development since 1960 lead to a massive increase of consumption. The more people consume, the more waste it is produced. According to Korea Waste Association, in 2018 the waste generated per day was 56,035 tons. This statistic only takes account the household waste, which represents only 13% of the total waste generated. The industrial and constructions waste represent the remaining majority. It is important to acknowledge how much waste a country produces. However, it is more important knowing how that waste is being managed and where it ends.

      You might provide a visualization for what accounts for the total waste (the other 87%).

    1. making people go through quarantine, closing schools, making rules for social distancing, and even spending a great amount of money on hospitals and vaccines.

      Sugg: Visualize comparative policy changes for covid19 and climate change

    1. In addition, it showed the possibility of how the advancement of technologies such as large and touch screens, AI, AR, drones, and 5G can change election broadcasting. In addition, results were confirmed and broadcasts were provided through various platforms such as homepage, YouTube, and Facebook

      Sugg: Visualization

    2. Planning Director Lee said, "I couldn't build an outdoor set on the billing broadcast because of the external environment such as budget problems and weather, but the idea of ​​a dome came out and I was able to build it on the largest scale ever." He explained the characteristic, "I put my heart and soul into it"

      Post the interview notes /record as a part of your submission.

    1. Hollywood stars going naked for 2020 US elections Celebrities strip for ad to promote doing mail-in voting correctly for 'naked ballots'

      Sugg: As you shift this from a hard news story into a feature story, what is your focus? Increasing voter turn out? The impact of celebrities and influencers? What did we learn from the US elections?

      Consider this news story case on celebrity influence on elections: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-46123964

    1. Rewrite this as a lede...What is this story about? What does it contribute to what is already known?

      Scientists concur that climate change requires global solutions. In order to examine how countries are participating and sharing responsibility, 24/7 Wall St. has created an index to measure environmental performance using data from both Yale University’s 2018 Environmental Performance Index and the World Bank’s “What a Waste Database.” Find how your country's performance compares and identify which policy is most popular and how it developed.

      Reading through, it could be about public opinion on financing domestic climate change plans...what are some examples and where are they most popular, etc?

      Cases: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2019/07/14/climate-change-countries-doing-most-least-to-protect-environment/39534413/

    1. A Reflection based on the world's biggest tropical wetland's recent crisis

      Insert a lede here and set up the news story and what the reader can anticipate by way of its structure...

      Case: https://www.vox.com/a/supertrees Meet the trees, get to know their superpowers, and learn how scientists are trying to protect them.


      Towards the end of your story, you suggest three causes: drought, newly-settled ranchers, and government policies... You will need to provide further information on each.

    1. I hope people to be aware of the seriousness of climate change. In the case of corona viruses, the results are immediately available, such as people getting sick, and the risks can be identified.

      Sugg structure: The use of this image requires you as a journalist to make the connection between recycling, waste, and zoonosis...

      Moreover, what information can you provide to help the reader reach the conclusion you hope for?

      For example, the structure of this story might include a section section on some writing on few of these areas your image suggests: intensified agriculture, deforestation and extracted resources... And then conclude with a third section on what can be done, e.g. improving biodiversity or incentivizing sustainable land management, etc.

    2. According to the Journal of Veterinary Medicine, about 70 percent of infectious diseases that have been prevalent in the last 80 years have been caused by wild animals. For example, the AIDS virus is caused by apes, Avian Influenza by birds, Novel Influenza by pigs, and SARS and Ebola by bats.

      This is a visualization you could contribute.

    1. Technology, which has developed rapidly since the 20th century, has made people feel comfortable, but at the same time, it is polluting the environment. T

      Currently the content of the story does not match the headline. Sugg: Clear lede needed for technology's negative impact on the ecosystem.

      Example: As Exxon's plans for its project for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) are being analyzed, more companies around the world are being rated by how they contribute to climate change solutions and what technologies are being developed. According to the International Energy Agency, zeroing out will have to rise in order to meet climate goals. What is carbon capture, what negative effects can be ameliorated, and which companies are developing the most compelling technologies?

    1. “If the wind does not blow in our favor, fine dust levels will worsen even more this winter” (Woo Jung-hun, Konkuk University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

      Context for this attribution needed. Did you interview Professor Woo, an expert in air quality modeling under climate change?

    2. After taking a look at the monthly average fine dust levels from January 2020, it was visible that the monthly fine dust level averages reached up to 47.5 micrograms per cubic meter. The highest level during this month amounts up to 77 micrograms per cubic meter, and the lowest, dropping down to 9 micrograms per cubic meter. Let’s compare this to June 2020. The average for this month, sums up to a 33.1 micrograms per cubic meter. The highest level of fine dust during June, tops up to 52 micrograms per cubic meter, and the lowest level during this month drops down to an outstanding 6 micrograms per cubic meter.

      Sugg: Visualization - line graphs

    3. The number of people wearing masks for outdoor activities have greatly increased

      This requires a proper cutline--including where, when this image is taken.

    4. allegedly made its way

      Sugg: Hyperlink to some sources.

    1. since the 2000s

      Sugg: Facts and some contextualization needed. Indicate why you sourcing these two: Lomborg and Hausfather? Is it your intention to provide a comparative look at the adoption of electric cars in Denmark vs. the US?

      And as a journalist, what fact checking have you conducted to verify or contextualize their analysis?

    2. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/your-electric-car-and-vegetarian-diet-are-pointless-virtue-signalling-in-fighting-climate-change-2019-12-26

      Rather than list these stories at the end, you might incorporate a reference to "carbon deficit" within your story, and then hyperlink to the opinion piece in Marketwatch, or even better, the data source, a study on the global eva outlook by the International Energy Agency (IEA)

    3. There have been a plethora of studies done to prove the efficiency of electric cars at reducing carbon emissions as well as studies that disprove of it.

      Unclear. Has a new Danish study on the adoption of electric cars been released? Sugg: Rewrite this lede to indicate to us what makes this topic timely?

      Your title indicates that the audience will better understand what is eco-friendly...What are a few indicators?

      Reference: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/331322903_Electric_vehicles_in_Danish_Municipalities_An_Understanding_of_Motivations_Barriers_and_the_Future_of_Sustainable_Mobility

    4. we see that a gasoline-powered car will emit 34, 2 tons of CO₂

      Sugg: How much is one ton of CO2? Can you provide a visualization to accompany this paragraph?

    1. Fahrenheit

      Who is your audience? Your image is in Celsius and your text communicates temperatures in Fahrenheit.

      Your current conclusion indicates a knowledge of how to preserve the balance...what are a few areas we can work on?

    2. With global tempertures on the rise due to global warming and continualy melting ice caps, the earth is experiencing climate change.

      Sugg: As a way to end this lede paragraph, how about asking or suggesting what question stems from these findings?

      Your title suggests either reporting the connection between climate change (i.e. extreme warm and dry conditions, extreme fire weather) and the incidences of fires, or climate change worsening the rates of fires and floods. This isn't matched by the structure of the contents.

    3. According to NGO reports,
    4. This image requires a cutline and source.