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  1. Nov 2017
    1. In entering on this field, the commissioners are aware that they have to encounter much difference of opinion as to the extent which it is expedient that this institution should occupy. Some good men, and even of respectable information, consider the learned sciences as useless acquirements; some think that they do not better the condition of men; and others that education like private & individual concerns, should be left to private & individual effort;

      I believe this statement speaks to the recognition of the opposition who don't wish for the existence public institutions which would most likely initiate a more broad move to public primary school education. Despite the oppositions efforts, public institutions such as UVA have produced some the brightest minds and have ushered in a broad look on affordable education for all.

    2. To understand his duties to his neighbours, & country, and to discharge with competence the functions confided to him by either.

      This demand of primary education clearly sets the standard that the University needed individuals who were community leaders and showed an dedication to helping others.I believe that this standard stills applies as a prerequisite for many major univeristies like UVA.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. Certainly not with the Alphabet for reasons of expediency & impracticability, as well as from the obvious sense of the Legislature, who, in the same act make other provision for the primary instruction of poor children

      In this sense, we get a superiority complex developing pretense to the actual construction of the university. This statement relates an outlook of separation on different classes of society and who they wish to attend their college. They see the university as only accessible to the rich, upperclass society, not for the poor. They make it very clear that they are open only to educating those who have achieved primary education and who wish to proceed further into secondary studies.

    2. Dormitories, sufficient each for the accommodation of two students only, this provision being deemed advantageous to morals

      I think it is very interesting that they took students' well-being and mental health in account when thinking about the arrangement of dormitory living. In that time, for fifteen year old boys to travel miles and days away from their parents would be strenuous which is similar to our culture today. They knew that it would be beneficial for their students to have some type of moral grounding when not in close proximity to their loved ones.