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  1. Nov 2019
  2. Sep 2019
    1. still illiterate in our society

      Even if there is a evolution, issue not solved ANAPHORE of a sentence of the first paragraph "a lot of people in Moroccan rural areas are deprived from this fundamental right due to illiteracy."

    2. many of them still refuse to allow their children

      so it's still the case today

    3. we are all responsible


    4. ignorance is spreading


    5. a shame when a girl goes to university

      Always talking about girls

    6. are ready to let their children

      Evolution, trying to be better

    7. including girls-

      insistance on girls

    8. help parents

      help parents who disapprove with school.

    9. adopted

      definitive ?

    10. o finish at least

      to finish but not totaly

    11. primary and secondary schools have been built in remote areas


    12. girl

      A new rule just for girl ?

    13. decide to drop out

      Only choice ?

    14. launched

      launched but is it working

    15. the demands of life

      Money = Life

    16. as the parents think that the son has more priority to schooling than the girl

      Supposition but at the same affirmation

    17. few coins


    18. husband and set a family at any cases.


    19. enough money for the education of their brothers,

      The place of boys in Moroccan families is more important than girl's place

    20. More girls

      talking about girls again because they are more touched by this issue than boys

    21. Material reasons

      Money problem

    22. the society will have a bad image for them.

      The regard of the society is really important in these families

    23. To start with


    24. near past

      OXYMORON. It's close and at the same time so far because it's still the case

    25. daughter’s


    26. the importance of education.

      insistence on the importance of education

    27. parents disapproval

      How can parents disapproval school?

    28. illiteracy


    29. Moroccan rural areas

      Poor areas generally

    30. issues

      Understand issues with solving an issue

    31. Education ameliorates people’s lives, enhances their self-esteem, their ability to learn new things which will help them expand their knowledge, and their ability to cope with the majority of the society. It makes them self-confident and informed populace that can understand issues, represent themselves, and take responsibility.


    32. cope

      deal with

    33. he majority of the society

      the majority but not all the society ?

    34. enhances


    1. fight

      Personifaction of the issue

    2. fight

      Personifaction of the issue

    3. raise a national awareness

      global issue who needs the attention of the world

    4. illiteracy rates remain high

      Even if there is an evolution, the issue is not fixed

    5. staggered